Forever Hopeful: Dabens

Doben2Clinging to life by the hour, Dabens, a malnourished one-month-old infant, came into our care. Weighing just over 5 pounds, his survival looked bleak. Despite an uncertain future, our team of Special Mothers rushed him to the hospital, working with all their might on behalf of this precious child. Our Special Mothers stayed by Dabens’ side as he endured multiple hospital stays.

haiti_dabensAfter months of quality care and motherly love in a family-like setting at Hannah’s Hope, Dabens’ life is changed forever. He is now thriving in an environment of love and care where there is hope for a brighter future.

Even in countries like Haiti, the cost of caring for medically fragile children like Dabens is very high. You can help other children like Dabens live and thrive with your Gift of Hope to support orphan care. Learn how you can make a difference in our Forever Hopeful Giving Guide.