Could Brady Be Your Son?

Brady 1024x576 OPT

Sweet Brady recently celebrated his 8th birthday–it’s our prayer that his next birthday is spent with his loving forever family! We have been advocating for Brady for several years and we refuse to give up until he is united with his forever family! Brady is still waiting in Colombia for his forever family, and it’s our prayer that they find him soon. We’re reaching out to you, our AGCI family, to help us pray and advocate for Brady.

8-year-old Brady is an empathetic child who desperately wants the stable, unconditional love of a forever family. This adorable little boy is full of life and energy and loves to express himself through dance! Brady is a social kid and has established wonderful relationships with his peers and caregivers.

Tragically, Brady has experienced a lot of instability and rejection throughout his life. After being removed from his abusive home when he was 5 years old, Brady was diagnosed with a traumatic spectrum disorder, ADHD, and defiant oppositional disorder as a result of abuse and his abandonment. Sadly, he has also been separated from his two biological siblings–we are heartbroken by all that Brady has had to endure at such a young age.

In spite of this, Brady has made excellent progress in school, can better express his emotions in a healthy way, and has developed wonderful attachments with his caregivers and friends. He has since received therapy and is now attending a private school where he is really thriving. Brady does particularly well in a structured environment. We are also encouraged by his improvements with treatment! He has shown improvement in motor restlessness, self-control, instructional follow-up, and emotion regulation.

Brady needs what all children need—a loving, stable family who will encourage and support him. We know he will thrive with an experienced family. Brady has a bright future ahead of him! All he needs is a family’s unconditional love and faith! 

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