Adoption Is Love


Adoption had been on Jennifer and Jeremy Adams’ heart for a long time. After a lot of prayer, Jennifer and Jeremy felt like their child was waiting for them in Africa. 

“I liked that AGCI had a Burundi program. There is a great need there. It was important to us that we’re not adopting a child and pulling them out of a country where they have a good chance of being adopted by a family domestically,” said Jeremey.

When the Adams family started their adoption process, they envisioned adopting a little girl. 

“God started working on our hearts immediately. There were these 3 little girls waiting in the Philippines that we just couldn’t stop thinking about. We reached out to AGCI about them. We weren’t eligible, but it brought up the question—were we open to adopting 3 kids? We decided that we could be so we changed our home study. Little did we know, the matching committee was meeting later that month,” Jennifer said.

The Adams soon received their referral for Lewis (7), Ciella (6), and Eloi (4)!

“We were laughing and crying. It was just how God wove this story all together. This is what He was preparing us for,” Jennifer said. “Through this whole process, I have become a huge advocate for adopting older children and sibling sets. There is such a big need there. I know that a lot of families are scared of that. But being open is so important. God will work on you.” 

Jennifer and Jeremey also have 6 older children (4 of which are now adults) so it’s been an adjustment to be back in the preschool and elementary school phase of life—but something they are so deeply enjoying! Lewis, Ciella, and Eloi have been home for 6 months and are thriving. This will be their first Christmas together as a family!