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ChinaBlogSome of you may have heard that the China Center for Children Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) recently outlined new requirements for the eligibility and process for China adoptions. We are really happy about this, because some of the requirements were lessened and will open up the opportunity for more potential families to adopt from China.

These changes will not go into effect until January 1, but for any inquiring families we will begin implementing them now. We really are excited about this change! Although the changes are not drastic, they are in key areas that have previously limited many families. Any change that results in more placements of the thousands of waiting children thrills us!

I will highlight the categories in which there have been changes made. Please see the updated website for the complete requirements and definitely feel free to call one of us in the inquiry department to see how this change may impact your ability to adopt from China.

Age: Previously, parents that were over 50 were not eligible to adopt from China. Now, parents up to the age of 55 can adopt from China although the age of the adoptive parent does influence the age of child adopted. For example, if both parents are over the age of 50 then the younger parent may not be separated by more than 50 years older than the child.

Single Applicant: Single women are now eligible to adopt children that are special focus (more significant special needs) as well as children that are on the shared list and only have a minor or correctable special need. Previously, single women were only eligible for children that are special focus.

Financial: Previously, it was required that the family had, in combined income, $10,000 per person, including the adopted child (so, a five-person family and including the one child that would be adopted would need to make a combined income of $60,000). Under these new rules if a family does not meet this requirement but can show that they meet the average cost of living in their area they will be approved.

Medical: Families with either parent on a low dose of medications for anxiety or depression are eligible to adopt. Previously this was not the case. This will need to be accompanied by a letter from the doctor stating what medication and how the parent is doing using this medication.

Criminal Record: Previously families with one parent with two misdemeanors on their record would be approved on a case-by-case basis. With the change that number has increased to three. We continue to let families know that this is on a case by case basis and should be talked through with our Inquiry staff.

For any inquiring families it is important to fill out the free pre-application for one of our inquiry staff to review with you. If you have done this and are confident in your eligibility then please fill out the application! We are very ready to start this exciting and life-changing journey with you!

We also want to highlight two children that we only have one week left to place! Please take the time to read their stories and pray about this possibility for you or another family.


He was abandoned at Christmas last year, but for this Christmas, let’s get him a family!

Ezekiel is six years old, and at age five, just three days before Christmas last year (2013), he was abandoned in Xiamen, China. Despite the loss of his family, he is so incredibly sweet, and kindhearted. He has a very gentle spirit. His report actually reads that he has found favor with his caretakers, something I have not ever read before to my knowledge. What a precious little boy…He is well spoken and his caretakers said he likes to tell stories.

Ezekiel has the special need of cerebral palsy, and is now walking with the assistance of a walker, and he is in rehab now to help. When he tires, he is in a wheel chair. Our hope is that he will be able to walk with more help.

Ye Wen Qing 6


And now meet Isaiah:

Sweet Isaiah is from Xiamen, China and turned two in August. He is a darling little boy who is living in foster care currently in Longyan. His special need is that he has low muscle tone and his eyes do not quite track together but his vision seems okay.

He has now learned to crawl! See the VIDEO HERE. Isaiah has a very sweet smile. He was abandoned in Xiamen at eight months old. When he was admitted he was put in to the special care unit and then went to foster care. He enjoys walks in the sunshine and being held; his personality is described as introverted. Isaiah is currently learning how to sit with a rehab chair, he also can roll over. He is a good natured, sweet, little boy.

IMG 3299 1 Isaiah

Our China Director, Tiffany, has met both of these boys a couple of times and would love to answer questions from families considering moving forward with either of these children. Please contact her at

For either adoption there is a possibility of an exception to adopting out of birth order on a case-by-case basis. Also, families will be eligible for a grant of up to $5,000 toward their adoption.

Thank you all for your prayers and consideration of these two precious boys. If you have any questions on eligibility or the process to adopt in China please contact Julie at or Lindsay at


Julie Salwasser
Director of Inquiry
All God’s Children International
Office: 1-800-214-6719

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  1. Hi,
    My husband and I live and work in China as like-minded workers. We have been wanting to adopt from China for quite some time but sadly, the age restrictions (over 30 only) has stopped us. Recently, I have heard that there can be exceptions to some rules is families adopt special needs children. I was just wondering (hoping, really) that if we get on the special needs track that we can be considered even though I am only 24 (my husband is 30 is that makes a difference).
    Thank you,
    Whitley Slabach