Forever Hopeful: Bozhidara’s Dream

Child_Buzovgrag_ArticleBozhidara’s biggest dream is to walk on her own. She has cerebral palsy caused by a massive brain hemorrhage that occurred shortly after her birth. Although cerebral palsy affects Bozhidara’s ability to move, her hands are strong and she is able to use a wheelchair. Orphanage nurses say Bozhidara is a radiant and sociable child, bringing joy to all in the home.

Reaching Bozhidara’s goal of walking unassisted will require extensive rehab and therapy with specialized equipment. Unfortunately, the orphanage’s therapy building was declared unsafe and closed by city inspectors due to a decrepit, leaking roof.

Thankfully, God provided. AGCI’s orphan advocates rallied to raise the roof at the Buzovgrad orphanage by donating enough funds to complete the new roof. With the therapy room back in use, Bozhidara will be able to receive the training and rehab she requires to reach her goal. Orphanage director Dr. Panova is hopeful. “We’re doing our best to teach her to walk, to help Bozhidara reach her dream!”

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