We’re In China!

AGCI is in China! Follow our posts over the next week and learn more about how we’re advocating for China’s orphans!

From Tiffany Williams, China Program Director, 9/11/15:

Hi Team!

On Sunday morning at 6am Victoria, Sarah (certified nurse practitioner) and I will leave for Xiamen and Kiersten will follow on Monday.  We will be out of the office for two weeks.

We will be spending the first week in Xiamen and Longyan to do medical and social evaluations of our partnership kids and video and photos.  We also are excited to fulfill the development toys project while we are there!

The following week, we will spend several days touring Fujian with Gladney adoption agency and the director of the Civil Affairs, Jack Jiang. We will be visiting a number of orphanages with the goal of helping place older and harder to place special needs kids.

This morning Victoria and I sorted care packages, for kids that are placed AND kids that are waiting!  In addition, we received stickers, suckers, rattles, stacking cups, etc to help with the evaluations.photo 2

Some of our families were so kind to send care packages for Benjamin, Aubrey, Natalie, Lauren, and Ezekiel!  One family sent Benjamin a basketball jersey and shorts and a basketball video game!  Love it!  They are incredible families who love these kids and are praying for families!

We ask for your prayers for good health, safety, growth in our relationships with the Chinese government and NGOs that work there, clear communication, that many children would find their forever families due to this trip, and that God would be glorified through this trip. We hope to discuss future partnerships of other orphanages and the technical project too of helping obtain computers, cameras etc for other orphanages to help them get kids paperwork ready for adoption.

I am incredibly stoked to have Sarah, Kiersten, and Victoria coming!  We will keep you posted and we will be blogging along the way!


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  1. Hey, Tiffany. This is the first blog I have seen from you. How are you and your team?
    I love you and we have been thinking about you constantly, asking for you wisdom, good
    health, safety and peace. We love you. mom