INTERVENING FOR CHILDREN: Placing More Children In Families

Not everyone can adopt, but everyone can help a waiting child.



Their Waiting Story

Hear from waiting children who were denied a family. AGCI is doubling down on our waiting child advocacy efforts so that we can place even more waiting children with prepared, loving families.

Vision + Impact of Waiting Initiative

Without someone to advocate and prepare the right family, children will continue to languish in institutions without hope. READ MORE

Colombia Bush 7

AGCI Team + The Wait

The wait is hard. We know firsthand. Take a listen and hear stories from our team about their own adoption journeys.


Waiting No More

Hear from the Sohn family and learn more about their journey adopting three waiting teenage sisters from Colombia.
Yinny reduced

Yinny's Story

Walkthrough the photo story of a young girl’s journey as a waiting child, from advocacy to her forever family. READ MORE

Adoption and the Art of Listening

How can we push past the idea that service is an unquestioned good? Hear from Jacqui Gustafson, AGCI Ethiopia adoptive mom and founder of the Abeba Collection.

Finding the Right Families

Hear the behind the scenes stories of what it means to advocate for waiting children at AGCI.

Please Note: If you’re a family in the adoption process, please know that you are not expected to give in any way. In the event that giving towards this program exceeds the need, these funds may be utilized for our greatest need initiatives around the world.