UPDATE: China Waiting Child Adoption

It has been a blessing this year to help many families adopt through our China program. Currently we are looking for families open to adopting special needs children in this program.  China continues to be a very stable and consistent program and currently the wait time for a referral after you are logged in is 1-3 months, and families typically travel about 6 months after that, making the entire adoption from contract date about 12-15 months.

China expedites all special needs adoptions.  Families open to special focus children, which have more significant needs, can accept children in the paperwork process, and can complete their adoption typically in less than a year.  This is by far the shortest timeframe in any of the countries we work in.  Most of the children that  we are seeing placed are ages 1-3, but there are available children up to age 13 years old.  We also still continue to see a great need for families to adopt special needs boys.

We encourage you to prayerfully consider adopting one of China’s waiting children. There are many waiting children that we are currently advocating for strongly on our website, but this is only a short list compared to the nearly 2000 children that are available on the CCCWA shared list.