Ryan Is Waiting In China

Ryan just turned 7 years old! We’ve been advocating for this adorable, kind boy for some time now and we just know his forever family is out there. We are counting on you, our incredible AGCI family to join us in prayer and advocacy to help us find his forever family! 

Ryan has spent most of his life in an orphanage in China and we know he will thrive with the unconditional love of his forever family! He is currently enrolled in kindergarten and doing very well–he gets along great with his classmates and his teachers love him. Ryan is a pretty quiet kid, he typically communicates in short sentences but understands all that is said to him and follows directions easily. He is currently receiving language therapy and loves to play–wooden blocks and Legos are his favorites!

Ryan has a medical condition that prevents him from participating in vigorous physical activities. He needs the love of a family now more than ever. We would love to share more about his story with your family. Could this sweet boy be your son?

Reach out to us at inquiry@allgodschildren.org to learn more about Ryan.