Meet Jayson & Carter

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Brothers Jayson (2) and Carter (1) are waiting in Colombia for their forever family. We know these sweet, deeply bonded siblings will absolutely thrive with the unconditional love of their forever family.

Big brother Jayson (2) is a sweet, affectionate little boy! He interacts well with his peers and is very bonded to his caregivers which is wonderful to see. Jayson is a natural explorer and loves learning. While he was born with a club foot and a genetic syndrome that is under study, that hasn’t stopped him from walking and being a very active little guy. Jayson communicates his wants and needs easily and we know he will thrive with a family’s love! 

Little Carter (1) is a calm, happy baby! He loves to be held and fed and enjoys face to face contact. Carter loves exploring his environment and likes attention from his caregivers—his face lights up when he receives affection! He has well-developed motor skills and is only slightly behind due to his club foot and a genetic syndrome that is under study. 

Jayson and Carter are loving, affectionate brothers that want nothing more than a family’s love. Could they be your sons?

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