Home Study

AGCI is licensed to perform home study services in Oregon, Ohio, Washington, Michigan, Kentucky, Texas and Indiana for families adopting through AGCI or any other adoption agency. Whether you’ll be working directly with AGCI, or another adoption agency, we are always available to answer questions or offer any support that you may need.




The home study is one of the first steps to take in your adoption process! Often, your home study must be completed before you can apply for grants, or be matched with your child. While we can work with adoptive families in all 50 states, in some states, we partner with another home study agency for the home study portion of your adoption.

For families adopting through AGCI in a state other than Washington, Oregon, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Texas or Michigan, AGCI requires our families to work with one of our approved adoption agencies for home study and post-adoption services. If considering the China or Philippines program, it is required that adoptive families use a Hague accredited home study agency.


Families do not need to adopt through AGCI in order to utilize our home study services! Every family hoping to adopt a child must work with a local home study agency to complete their home study and post-placement reports. Any adopting family in our licensed states is able to utilize our home study and post adoption services—whether they are adopting through AGCI or any other adoption agency. AGCI is licensed to complete home study and post adoption services in:

“Adoption is worth every penny, every piece of paperwork, and every minute spent waiting to get to witness firsthand what the love of a family can do for a child.”
—Raina and Christopher Horner, AGCI Adoptive Parents to Layton and Alyssa.



We are a Hague accredited agency with experience working in 25 countries over the past 30+ years. With AGCI, there’s never a “backlog.” We pride ourselves on completing home studies as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality support. We’re committed to completing every home study in six months or less and our services can even be expedited if needed (additional fees apply). Our dedicated team of social workers are also experienced at working with hundreds of different placing agencies, so no matter if you’re adopting through AGCI or another adoption agency, your home study experience will be unmatched. AGCI’s home study process is also structured so that education and paperwork are coordinated with anticipated completion time—this means our social workers are always available without any additional wait time for families. Working with AGCI also means unparalleled post-adoption support. We are committed to providing a premium level of support to each and every family we work with.


1. Submit your Application

Please fill out a Free Pre-App to determine if you meet AGCI eligibility requirements. Once approved and contracted, the home study process can begin!

2. Home Study Paperwork

Our dedicated team will guide you as you collect required home study documents, including paperwork.

3. Home Study Visits

Once all documents are received, an AGCI social worker will meet with all members of your household to begin home study interviews. Interviews last a minimum of six hours over two separate visits. Your social worker will also provide additional education to help your family prepare for your adoption.

4. Submit Home Study

Once home study interviews are complete, a comprehensive home study report will be written by your social worker. AGCI will submit the completed home study (or submit it to your placing agency) for review and then home study finalization can occur.

5. Post Adoption Services

AGCI is able to complete post adoption services for any families adopting in Washington, Oregon, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Texas or Michigan. Once your child is home, post-adoption visits will be scheduled according to AGCI or your placing agency’s program-specific requirements.



We require that all adoptive parents complete training courses through Families Are Forever to begin home study visits. These courses are available online for a cost of approximately $300 per family, per adoption.

“AGCI was always quick to answer our questions and address our concerns. They walked us through each and every step of the process, and we never felt alone. We appreciated the balance of realism and optimism. They were always very direct and honest with us. They acknowledged and validated the frustrations that are just an inevitable part of the adoption process. And they rejoiced with us any time we got good news! We believe that they prayed for us and truly had our best interests and the interests of our adopted sons at the heart of everything they did. And they have continued to follow up with us and make themselves available to us after we brought our boys home. AGCI’s passion for orphan care is truly inspiring and contagious! If we adopt again in the future, we will absolutely choose AGCI again.”

— Carrie Partridge, AGCI Adoptive Mom