How to Adopt from Colombia

“Be open-minded about what’s possible. Yes, these kids have been through a lot, but they want the stability, safety and belonging of a family. You have to be available, if God’s ready to expand your family. Our kids found us, and we’re super blessed to have them in our lives.”

How to Adopt from Colombia
SPRING Celebrations
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In Colombia, the Mother’s Day celebration begins with breakfast in bed, followed by a big food-centered family gathering! No matter how you celebrate, we hope you know how loved and appreciated you are!

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In 2023 alone, AGCI has matched 9 waiting children from Colombia with their forever families. This year, we have also already seen 7 official referrals from Colombia! A total of 16 children's lives forever changed by the permanency of a loving family!

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We continue to advocate for every child we met during our recent visit to Colombia. Many families have been matched with and accepted referrals for waiting children, and we cannot wait to get them home with their forever families!


If you have roots in Latin America and are interested in adoption, click here to learn more about AGCI’s Heritage Family Adoption Program

The care at the homes AGCI partners with is exceptional and the staff provides us with detailed reports and updates on all waiting children so we’re best able to advocate for them. AGCI works with Colombia’s central authority, Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF) to facilitate adoptions. ICBF is the entity that processes all international adoptions in Colombia and is located in the capital of Bogota.

As a Christian Adoption Agency, All God’s Children International has been elevating care and placing orphaned children in Colombia with forever families since 2014. Grants are also available—in the past two years, families adopting through AGCI’s Colombia Adoption program received over $28,180 in adoption grants.

  • Most children available for adoption are between the ages of 0 to 15.
  • Children with medical conditions and sibling groups are also eligible.
  • We need families for our Colombia Adoption program—there are currently 11,000 orphans waiting to be adopted in Colombia.
  • AGCI has found forever families for over 300 children since 2015!
  • 20% of recent families united with their children within 6 months!
  • Timeframe: under 2 years. Timeframe is from registered dossier to completion. Timeframes are dependent on family’s openness to medical conditions, gender, and age of child.
  • Complete a FREE Pre-App to view waiting children.

Meet Archer

Sweet baby Archer is waiting in Colombia for his forever family! Archer was born in the fall of 2022 and has been primarily raised

Meet Amedeo

Will you be Amedeo’s forever family? Tragically, Amedeo was abandoned at the hospital not long after his birth. He is now living in a

Meet Lala

Despite living in a Colombian foster home since 2020, Lala is a sociable, respectful, neat, and playful young girl. Lala is also known for


Age of Parents

Parents between the ages of 25 and 55 are welcome to adopt a child. There must be at least a 15-year age difference between the youngest parent and the adopted child. Parents 55 and older may adopt older children (5+) and older siblings.

Marital Status

Couples married at least two years are welcome to adopt.

Single Applicant

Single women ages 25-55 may adopt.

Children in Family

Families with five or fewer children in the home are welcome to adopt from Colombia.


Families interested in adopting a child must have a positive net worth and an income of at least $15,000 per family member, including the adopted child.

Criminal History

Applicants interested in adopting a child cannot have a history of felonies and no more than two misdemeanors in their lifetime.

Medical History

Applicants with a past or current diagnosis of a life-threatening or communicable disease or other condition that impairs their ability to parent and/or the quality of life of a child are ineligible to adopt. A psychological evaluation is required for all applicants.


There are so many ways to fund your adoption! You can learn more about AGCI specific grants, adoption loans, and employee benefits and more on our How to Fund Page!


APPLICATION: This non-refundable fee covers the cost of a review of your application to confirm your eligibility for your program and address any potential challenges with you, your social worker, and our in-country staff. (Due at application)

U.S. AGENCY*: The agency fee covers AGCI’s cost to facilitate your adoption with agency and government officials in both the United States and foreign country. Processing expenses for AGCI include, but are not limited to, personnel costs, administrative overhead, operational costs, staff training and education, state. federal, and international licensing and accreditations, communications and insurance. (1/2 due with completion of contract and 1/2 due six months after contract)

PROGRAM FEE*: This fee provides care for orphans around the world and allows AGCI to provide the medical, emotional, spiritual, and developmental care that every child deserves. (Due with completion of orientation)

POST-ADOPTION SERVICE: This fee allows us to provide post-adoption support services to your family and process post-adoption reports. (Due with completion of referral packet)

*If adopting siblings, agency and orphan care fees increase.


HOME STUDY SERVICES: These fees cover our services in preparing and completing your adoption home study, including any applicable social worker travel costs. (Due with completion of orientation)

POST-ADOPTION REPORTS: These fees cover the cost for AGCI to provide post-placement visits and reports upon arrival home.  (Due with completion of referral packet)

*These fees may vary if payable to your home study agency for families living outside of AGCI’s licensed states.

NON-AGCI HOME STUDY REVIEW: Any home study written by one of AGCI’s cooperating agencies will be reviewed by AGCI to ensure it meets all AGCI, USCIS, Hague and sending country criteria. Home study and Post Adoption service fees are paid to your cooperating agency. (Due with completion of orientation)


These fees cover the cost of facilitating an international adoption in Colombia. These fees include, but are not limited to costs related to personnel, administration, training and education, legal fees and communications associated with government and agency authorities, government fees, and care of your child prior to the completion of your adoption. (Due with completion of dossier and referral packet as indicated on fee schedule)

Fee Disclosure: All fees paid to AGCI are paid in advance of service. AGCI fees are non-refundable and may not be waived. If services are terminated and a refund is due, all refunds will be processed within 60 days of withdrawal and/or closure of the adoption file upon receiving the Adoption Termination Contract.

AGCI is accredited to complete home studies in Oregon, Ohio, Washington, Michigan, Kentucky, Texas, and Indiana.

The post-referral process stage was our favorite—obviously. And not just because of the stage that we were in, but because that is when AGCI’s efforts really started to shine. Before that, there was a quiet period where there wasn’t much to say or inform us of, but the second Myles had a face and a name, it was all hands on deck. And that’s when we learned that the silence wasn’t because people don’t care, but because there were no things to say during those times. Whatever could be done was being done. AGCI was always working behind the scenes. We felt so supported and surrounded by not only AGCI staff, but also people in-country. Once we got a referral and we saw how dedicated people are to the process, we saw the support and the love that you guys have for our kid.” Ellie Garrison



Complete your home study and then submit your dossier.


Wait to be matched with your child and begin the referral process! Once the information on the child is received, you will have two weeks to make an informed decision about accepting the referral. With a social worker’s approval, a referral can occur for a waiting child before the completion of your dossier.


Travel to meet your child! It’s required that both parents spend 8 days in-country with their adopted child. Depending on the region, the in-country stay is approximately 3 weeks.

During your stay, the following will take place:

  • Interview by the ICBF guardians to assess the bonding period
  • Documents submitted to court
  • Court approval
  • Obtain birth certificates and passports
  • Final medical examination
  • Apply for an adoption visa
  • U.S. Embassy for final exit interview
  • Court Process

Welcome home! AGCI and Colombia require post-adoption visits and reports at 3, 6, 12 18, and 24-month anniversaries of your child’s adoption. Parents are also required to complete their state’s re-adoption process. AGCI is here for support throughout your child’s life—connect with us at anytime for ongoing support services!


Colombia Staff Ana Maria


Our in country representative, Ana Maria, facilities all adoptions through AGCI’s Colombia program! Additionally, AGCI works closely with a team of social workers. These social workers visit children and orphanages throughout Colombia to determine whether kids should be eligible for adoption or reunited with their birth families and then put a plan in place to make it happen.


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Through caregiver trainings, we’re able to ensure that children receive the best holistic care while they wait to be matched with their forever family.

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Thanks to AGCI, 5,000 children now have national social workers to advocate for their pathway into a family.

“I always recommend AGCI. From the very beginning, we felt supported. The communication was super easy and quick. We always felt very cared for by the staff at AGCI and like we were given realistic expectations. Post adoption support has also been really nice. It’s great to still have that connection and personal relationships. We definitely want to adopt through AGCI again some day.”
–Macon and Daniel James
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