Haiti – Sagebrush – Days 3 & 4

By Andrea Montano, Sagebrush Team Member.photo 15b

Days 3 and 4 of the Sagebrushers work on the orphanage have been phenomenal! The work expectations for the trip were not only met, but have been far exceeded with one more work day left tomorrow.

photo 19All but 3 of the 75 tresses on our plan were knocked out by day 2 and we expect to finish the installation by tomorrow.  The electrical team has nearly finished the entire orphan section of the facility.
Another team has been working on plumbing and the painting team is in the midst of applying the first coat to the kitchen, girls dorm, boys dorm, and courtyard.

God has really done some amazing things here at the Hope Village site.  We have not only been productive in our tasks, but also in the relationships that are being built between our team and with the Haitians working alongside us. It’s a blessing to wake up each morning and work alongside such amazing people.  Despite the hard work, heat and humidity the worksite is never lacking in smiles or laughter.
photo 15

When it comes to laboring with the Haitian workers there is a language barrier but we have found it to be an easy hurdle to overcome through smiles and small, basic words. I was blessed to share a celebration of work and shear gratitude for the Lord with one of the Haitian workers, Jean Ricard. On the last tress we all took a moment to sign our names.  After mine, I wrote “Merci Jezi.”  Jean looked at me and said, “In English thank you Jesus.” I smiled, nodded and then walked away to continue working. A few minutes later I returned to see that Jean had written “Thank you my God” after his own name.

photo 18We may all come from different countries, cultures and speak a different language but no matter the tongue, when our lips praise the Lord our hearts are singing the same song.

Tomorrow, the building continues with one last day of work.  Hope Village is built with love, laughter, and care but most importantly it has been built on the firmest of all foundations, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Mesi Jezi.