Examining Children at Xiamen

IMG_3721.1This morning I met the doctor from the USA for breakfast who I have not seen since March of this year and got caught up on how she is doing and discussed our day at Xiamen.  We walked the about one block walk over to the orphanage together. We set the examination room up in the conference room and then the kids started to come!  The first group we saw today were new kids that have come in through the baby safety island, I believe there were about 40 that were new that we are going to get on our next list of kids. Rocky and I took photos as well as had the doctor do an exam on each child to confirm special need if possible, and cross check what the child’s paperwork says and see if she has any additional concerns.

IMG_3685.1We saw a wide range of kids ranging from minor to more serious needs. Some that stick out in my mind are a couple little boys that were toddlers that have epilepsy and since being on medication have not had any known seizures. Also, one very sick little heart baby that was just blue when they brought her in, and we are concerned she may not make it. She also had six fingers on each hand which may indicate a syndrome she may have. We also saw some babies with repaired heart conditions that looked great. One little boy that came in was abandoned with a broken leg, but now is fine, so we are not sure if his paperwork will go for healthy adoption or not. We also saw a sweet 7 month old baby girl with cataracts and glaucoma that we hope to get on the next list too. We saw several babies too with cerebral palsy and Down Syndrome. People have asked me how I am doing while being here, and I have said the biggest thing is just the up and down of emotions and I rejoice in seeing kids that I feel good we can place with adoptive families, and the heart ache for those that I know will be so hard, or for those that I know may not survive.

IMG_3704.1We also had the doctor re-check  Joy, Jayden, Zoe, and Aubrey so we could get further clarification on their needs since she was not here to check them on Monday when we visited with them and took their photos. Joy was cracking me up and wanted to show us how she can measure her head too 🙂  The doctor will be working this week to research little Zoe’s brain tumor to see if it may be operable, and if so we will advocate for her a surgery in Shanghai. In addition, we met and photographed about 10 older kids that have been on the database a long time that needed to have their files updated, including several boys on our list currently, like Sebastian.  IMG 3660.1 OPTHe is deaf but is very smart, older, and knows Chinese sign language!  We are praying we can help many of these kids find families!