Ethiopia Team Arrives Safely

We have arrived in Ethiopia. After 2 days of travel and an adventurous and delayed start to our trip, we have finally arrived.  The team is doing well and as I type this I can hear the laughter of the children at Hannah’s Hope getting to know the team, playing soccer, dancing, games, crafts, etc. There is so much life at Hannah’s Hope and we are blessed to be a part of it. It’s also infinitely good to see all of the staff again.

This evening we are off to Mekele, Tigray where we will be spending most of our time. One more flight 🙂  Tomorrow we will begin painting and repairing things at Hannah’s Hope in Tigray.  The Hannah’s Hope in the north is definitely different than Hannah’s Hope in Addis in the sense that the home is very basic, minimally furnished and is truly meant to be a temporary transition home for children. Sadly, children sometimes spend much longer in the home so we are excited to go and spend some time livening up the play room and hopefully painting some fun murals on the wall.

Please continue to pray for us as the team adjusts to the time zone and braves one more airline experience this evening.  Also, please pray for the health of some of our team as they continue to battle colds which are extra tricky to handle when traveling so much. Finally, I just got word that one of our guard’s at Hannahs Hope named Tom is heading to the hospital to be seen for a stomach ailment. He’s a tough guy so is likely not feeling well at all so please pray God would heal his body and grant him some comfort. The other staff members are doing a really good job of taking care of him so far.  Glad to be reporting again from Ethiopia! It is like coming home and it’s so much fun to share the beauty of Ethiopia with the team this week while we serve.

Until next post……