Could She Be Your Daughter?

UPDATE: We are so excited to share that Rosemary has found her forever family! To learn about other children still waiting for their forever family, visit

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11-year-old Rosemary is brimming with potential to blossom into a confident and creative daughter under the nurture and love of a stable family. With her winsome smile and kind, gentle spirit, Rosemary is well-liked by her peers and enjoys participating in group activities and playing with her friends. She is currently being raised in a foster family in Bulgaria, and they’ve observed her to be cooperative, helpful, and self-disciplined; even going to bed and waking up on her own and getting herself ready for school without assistance. She also seems to have a knack for hospitality as she takes delight in assisting with meal preparation, set up, and clearing.

With the help of a resource teacher in school, she has overcome huge obstacles mostly related to focus and self-control. Having tackled these physical challenges, Rosemary will enter the 5thgrade this year ready to focus on developing higher level thinking skills and creativity. Someone who is patient and will take the time to listen to her will draw Rosemary out and give her the confidence to release her imagination and explore her full capabilities.

Inside this beautiful little girl is a treasure trove of ideas, perceptions, talents, and abilities. With the unconditional love of a forever family, we know Rosemary will reach her full and glorious potential. You can find out more about precious Rosemary by contacting Haley Whitaker at