Carly & Selena Are Waiting!

UPDATE: We are so excited to share that Carley and Selena have found their forever family! To learn about other children still waiting for their forever family, visit our international adoption photolistings.

Sisters Carly (13) and Selena (11) are deeply connected and dream of growing up within a family together as sisters! Carly and Selena are both sweet, respectful girls who get along well with their peers and caregivers. Both girls are very bright and hope to become doctors one day.

Carly is a sweet, kind girl! While she is often initially shy, she is very receptive and gets along well with her peers. Carly did not have much access to education before coming into care and is currently in the 4th grade. She is very well behaved at school and is excelling! Carly has great grades and art is her favorite subject! Carly is passionate about dance and crafts and loves soccer—particularly when she is able to play goalkeeper! Carly has expressed that she would like to be adopted and that it is important for her to remain with her sister!

Selena is a happy, level-headed girl who adapts well to changes! Selena is in the 5th grade and excelling in school! Like her older sister, she is behind in school due to her family circumstances, but she is quickly catching up. Selena enjoys dance, crafts, and painting and succeeds at most everything she tries. It’s also Selena’s dream that she and her sister Carly will be adopted together by a loving forever family!

Sadly, Carly and Selena have been through a lot. After being placed in a hosting program, their adoptive family decided that they just wanted Selena and would not adopt Carly. This experience was heartbreaking and the sisters decided they wanted to stay together and wait for a family who will love them both!

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These amazing, bright sisters have shared that they would like to be adopted together and grow up as sisters. Their deepest wish is to have a family who understands them, loves them and supports them no matter what. It’s our prayer that we can help make their dreams come true by finding their forever family!

To learn more about Carly and Selena, reach out to Soojin at or 971-244-1453.