A Loving Family For Lizzy

By Tiffany Williams

In March 2016, we sent AGCI’s first advocacy team made up of adoptive parents and AGCI staff to Xiamen! While they were there they were able to spend time with a number of the kids. One of these children was precious two-year-old Lizzy!

I smiled so big when I saw her updated photos from my friend and co-worker Julie that I had to share them with you! She sent me a note that said,

“I was in heaven making silly faces and giving lots of cheekies kisses! Just got these so thought I would share. :)” Julie send this note along with a whole strand of precious photos of her playing with Lizzy one afternoon through her crib!

I know that when we were there March of last year too, we were captivated by how beautiful and sweet she was.

In the fall of 2014, sweet Lizzy was abandoned at the gate of the Xiamen orphanage. She was 10 months old and was wrapped in a pink blanket and wearing a white outfit. Her birth parents could not be located so she was put under the care of the orphanage. She was diagnosed with down syndrome, congenital heart disease and at abandonment was suffering from bronchitis but has since recovered.

Under the loving care of the orphanage staff, she is now walking with assistance and imitating words! She is described as an extrovert, as having a ready smile, smart, active, and loves interacting with others. Lizzy is a complete delight to everyone who meets her and we are praying for a family soon!

The family that adopts Lizzy is eligible to apply for a Special Treasures grant to help with adoption costs. Lizzy is also available for immediate placement and a dossier does not have to be completed yet to accept her referral. We also have other families that have adopted children with down syndrome who would love to speak to you as a reference if you are interested! We would love to share more with you
about this special little girl!

If you are interested in learning more about this precious girl please contact our Waiting Child Coordinator, Jennifer Jacobs, at jjacobs@allgodschildren.org.