25 Years of Passion: A Family For 3 Siblings!

“With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love.” Ephesians 4:2

IMG_2600Introducing our most outgoing and free spirited siblings—Leo (12), Nate (10) and Makenzie (9)! It’s so clear how much Leo, Nate and Makenzie love each other! These sweet siblings have a strong bond and just like any other siblings, they want to be together.

While they’ve had a rough journey, their bond has kept them together during challenging times and they’ve always looked out for each other. 5 years ago, they were found out in the streets, begging for money and food. Child protective services were informed and Leo, Nate and Makenzie were immediately removed and placed in a foster home.

God knew these kids deserved more. Leo, Nate and Makenzie were placed into their current foster family who immediately recognized that these three kids have been through so much emotionally and physically. They knew how much they needed healing. Through counseling and therapy sessions, the kids are now able to express their feelings and emotions. Praise God!

As the older brother, Leo is very responsible and protective of his younger siblings. Even though he is shy and quiet, IMG_2601he’s known as the “behind the scenes” guy. Makenzie calls him her “bodyguard.”

Leo expressed interest in school, so their foster family placed him in public school where he is excelling in every subject! His goal is to go to college so that he can provide for his younger siblings.

Nate and Makenzie are both very talented in music. Nate is taking guitar lessons while Makenzie is taking flute lessons. They’re still at the beginning stage, but they take such pride in their music!

Nate is also known as the “chatter box.” At every meal, the foster family IMG_2603allows the kids to talk about their high and low points of the day. Nate is always the first one to go and somehow the last one to finish.

Makenzie is the baby of the family and enjoys receiving attention. We think she deserves all of the attention—she is just too adorable! Makenzie is so outgoing and she’s constantly making friends at school and through play dates. Makenzie also loves playing dress up, (particularly Elsa from Frozen!) doing her hair, and just being a girly girl.

Even though they came from a hard place, Leo, Nate, and Makenzie are IMG_2602just trying to be kids! Their dream is to be able to go to school and come home together to their forever Mom and Dad. These amazing siblings deserve the “gentleness with patience” and love that a forever family can provide!

If you are interested in learning more about these precious siblings, please contact Soojin Park at spark@allgodschildrne.org or 971-244-1453.