Orphan Care in China


Since 1994, AGCI has served orphaned children in China where an estimated 45,000 children live behind orphanage walls. We’re currently working to elevate care for orphans in China through our Hannah’s Hope partner homes! Without proper funding or support, many government institutions cannot provide the holistic nutrition, medical support or education that these children need to reach their full potential.

China Orphan Care
The Fujian Province alone contains 57 orphanages, which are home to hundreds of children. Sadly, many children in China have aged out of the system simply because their adoption paperwork was never completed. Learn how we are working with orphanage directors to provide paths to families for orphans.

China Orphan Care
As a monthly sponsor, your support helps elevate the quality of care for orphans living at our partner orphanages in China with proper nutrition, medical care and the love every child needs to thrive.
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