Connected Care: AGCI’s Pilot Caregiver Training Program

International Adoption Colombia

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How do you change over 300,000 lives?

By changing the care system from the ground up.

AGCI’s 2019 Connected Care caregiver trainings in Colombia, Ethiopia, South Africa, and China have the ability to change the lives of over 300,000 children and the potential to impact generations of children and families.

We have developed a culturally competent pilot program that will transform care for vulnerable children. This comprehensive, interactive model can be easily adjusted and replicated in various countries and institutions around the world. Through weekly one-on-one support sessions and the ability to exchange video reports on a daily basis, caregivers are empowered as they learn, change, and grow in practical and sustainable ways.

The 8-month caregiver training program is focused on the following principles:

  • Empowering caregivers and children to identify and express their physical and emotional needs.
  • Improving the connection between children and caregivers using simple, attachment-based activities.
  • Correcting fear-based behaviors through an attachment model that helps children to heal and thrive.

 In addition to our pilot program, AGCI will simultaneously train key government officials, NGO leaders, judges, and universities in this new standard of trauma-informed care. The impact of these trainings is lasting, sustainable, and system-wide.

Our training principles also transcend any one aspect of care and can apply to children living in an institution, foster care family, family of origin, or an adoptive family. We believe every child, regardless of their circumstances, deserves to find true connection, healing, and love.

 The impact is endless. Will you be a part of the movement?