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Nearly 45,000 orphaned children live in China’s state-run institutions and 90% of these children live with a disability or chronic illness. The Fujian Province alone contains 57 orphanages, which are home to hundreds of children. Sadly, many children in China have aged out of the system simply because their adoption paperwork was never completed.

In March of 2015, we helped host a conference to address the issue of incomplete adoption paperwork. We shared with the 20 orphanages that attended that families are open to adopting children with special needs and the importance of completing paperwork right away. As a result of this educational conference, many orphanages began completing adoption paperwork.

Today we’re preparing for a second educational conference in the spring of 2017 to train additional orphanages on the importance of paperwork. We’re also working to help them obtain the computers, scanners, printers, and cameras needed to help complete adoption paperwork and advocate for these children.

Join us in educating staff at the Fujian conference and providing the resources necessary to help each one of these children find their way to a forever family!

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