We’re Hague Accredited!

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We are so excited to share that AGCI has received the renewal of Hague accreditation through 7/31/2024!

This is no small feat—the accreditation process isn’t easy, but it’s so important! Hague accreditation is now required for international adoption agencies in order to ensure that adoption is ethical. Hague was essentially created in order to ensure that all children adopted internationally are legally eligible for adoption—and prohibits child trafficking of any kind. This ethical, child-centered focus is why AGCI pursued Hague accreditation long before it was required. 

Since 1991, AGCI has been a leader in ethical, child-centered adoptions around the world. We are committed to finding families for children, not children for families—and we’ll only partner with countries where Hague is established. We have adoption programs in Bulgaria, Burundi, China, Colombia, Haiti, the Philippines, and South Africa! 

AGCI is unique—we also personally know, and have met in person, all of the individuals we partner with in the adoption process. We travelfrequently to the countries where we have adoption programs and develop strong relationships with in-country partners. We believe this is essential for the wellbeing of the adopted child. 

While adoption is a beautiful journey, in many cases, it’s not our first choice for a child. We serve vulnerable children in many ways, and adoption is just part of the picture. 

By partnering with institutions and training caregivers in a holistic, trauma-informed model, we focus on breaking the cycle and creating paths to family and independence. We serve vulnerable children and families around the world in Bulgaria, Burundi, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Haiti, Guatemala, the Philippines, South Africa, and the United States through 5 proven initiatives. 

Prevent: Keeping families together and healing relationships.

Provide: Creating family-like care with attentive, informed caregivers.

Place: Building adoptive families with educated and prepared parents.

Prepare: Supporting orphans aging out so they can have healthy transitions into adulthood.

Policy: Changing the system and breaking the cycle of trauma.

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