Top 5 Reasons To Choose AGCI

So why should you adopt through AGCI? We’ve compiled the top 5 reasons to adopt through All God’s Children International.

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1) We’re so much more than an adoption agency!

AGCI is dedicated to intervening for the 8 million orphans living in institutions. We believe that every child deserves to be loved, and we’re working to change the system that keeps children in institutions and out of families. By elevating the standard of orphan care, and creating more pathways to family, we’re able to create real, lasting change for His children!

#2) Financial Guidance

At AGCI, we believe that cost should never prevent a child from uniting with their loving forever family! To make this a reality, we always try to minimize fees as much as possible and seek to prevent finances from being a barrier in adoption. We’re also committed to assisting families in utilizing all of the grants and resources available to them. In the last two years alone, $760,608 in adoption grants were awarded to AGCI families. Additionally, AGCI’s Financial Expert is here to help! Our Financial Expert is here to guide you through the often stress aspects of financing your adoption.

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#3) Personalized Support

Our experienced, dedicated team is committed to walking every step of your adoption journey with you. We have over 25 years of experience working in over 23 countries and are truly passionate about the children we serve. Adoption is not always easy, but it’s much easier when you have a supportive team on your side! Our team will always strive to be your advocate and ensure you are well prepared throughout the process.

#4) We Know The Kids We Advocate For

We work closely with orphanages and often times meet the children we are advocating for so we truly get to know these kids personally! Additionally, our close relationship with the directors allows us to acquire medical updates, updated photos and videos, and additional tests for children we are placing with families!

#5) Communication

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At AGCI, we are committed to providing the absolute best in adoption and post-adoption support. Our team calls in process families each week during the paperwork process to ensure their needs are met and all questions are addressed. We pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible at every stage of the adoption process—from timelines to fees. We work hard to ensure families have accurate, updated information and know they are always welcome to check in and call. We are dedicated to ensuring our families are never alone and are very well supported with an experienced team no matter which phase of the process they happen to be in.

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