Save The Adoption Tax Credit

Save The Adoption Tax Credit is one of the most urgent and important issues in the world of adoption today. We are part of a group of leading adoption service providers who are working to engage the US government in crafting policies favorable to families, children and intercountry adoption – and the tax credit is at the top of the list. Without reinstating the tax credit, many families finalizing their adoption in 2012 and all families finalizing in 2013 will lose over $13,000 in tax credits. This will seriously impact the number of families who are willing and able to adopt children domestically, internationally or through the US Foster Care system.

You can get involved and let your voice be heard through two simple steps.

1)  “Like” the Save the Adoption Tax Credit Facebook page and urge friends, family and constituents to “like” it as well.

2)   Contact your member of the House of Representatives to ask for co-sponsorship of HR 4373, the Making Adoption Affordable Act (and urge your friends, family and constituents to do so as well).  For talking points, click here.  Remember, you can find your rep at  A special thanks to our friends at the National Council for Adoption for the creation of the Adoption Tax Credit Advocacy Kit.