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You can help change the broken systems that keep children in institutions with insufficient care and out of the arms of loving families. Through Child Advocacy Centers that act as regional hubs, you can partner with AGCI to influence child welfare policy through the highest levels of government. By partnering with local leaders, together, we can change governmental policy so that hundreds of thousands of children have a clear pathway to family and independence.


Hope is believing that a better world with happy children will come.
– Ana del Rocio Cepeda Garcia, Director of PROMEFA, Fusagausa, Colombia

Hope for me is like “the invisible string” in the famous children’s book. It pulls you towards your better future but you may not see it with your physical eye.
– Etsegenet Mulugeta, Psychosocial Team Leader at Selamta Family Project, Ethiopia

Hope is the force that connects two hearts: that of the child who needs to heal and that of the adult who helps in the process.
– Zandi Orozco, Psychologist at CNA, Guatemala

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”