Hello from Burgas, Bulgaria! – Embrace Missions Update

The team has had a wonderful time so far as we are finishing up day two at the Burgas baby orphanage.  The facility here is so clean and organized.  They have about 240 children in the home, mainly children living with special needs.  They also have nine physical therapists on staff, all specialized in different fields.  Even the two therapists from our team are impressed with how the staff love these children.

Underway are three murals in various areas of the home. The staff loved our first mural so much that they keep asking us to paint more areas of the home. Currently we are finishing up painting the art therapy room which the home is hoping to incorporate into a Montessori learning center for the kids. We were blessed with so many great donations for the Montessori room and we are looking forward to finishing up the project tomorrow. We’ll finish the day with demonstrations on the Montessori items for the teachers.

Burgas is also a community health center so they also periodically have families in the community who come and utilize the therapy services.  Our Occupational Therapists, Tara and Sue, started the day with one-on-one therapy sessions with the therapy staff and children. They shared techniques and ideas. In the afternoon they held a group training where Tara and Sue taught various creative techniques to help children increase movement, tone, and function in all areas. Therapy swings were built and will be installed this week. Videos and demonstrations were provided for the therapists on how to incorporate the swings in their weekly therapy sessions with the children.

The team is in great spirits and really unified as we serve the children and caregivers of Bulgaria. God has definitely brought the right people on this trip!  Everyone is so passionate and ready to serve the children here.

~ Erica & Soojin