Haiti Mission Team Update

TheTeam optWE FINISHED!! In record time of a day and a half, this amazing team from Georgia has transformed our plain white home into a beautiful home for children, full of color and murals. I wish you all could see it!! I don’t know if I have ever seen a team that has attacked a project with as much gusto as this group of women. Their hearts for the Lord, each other, and the children of Haiti have been evident in everything they have done.

Our most reoccurring and interesting conversation so far has been about food. While I, from the great Northwest tell them that I drink rice milk, buy organic grain fed chicken eggs, and I don’t eat a lot of fried foods. I have learned that I haven’t lived until I have been to a fish fry, drank sweet tea, and have the chicken fingers at Zaxby’s. I have also successfully integrated Y’all into my vocabulary (or at least I think I have).

Today we are going back to our partner home to do some last touch ups and start cleaning and organizing donations. Our hope is to be done with that work around noon so that we can head to a spot to purchase some locally made Haitian Art. After that we are planning on spending a few hours playing with the children again. Everyone is excited for an opportunity to spend some more time with the precious little ones that we created this beautiful home for.

 ~Kate McDodson~

Here are some thoughts from Ann:

This has been an amazing trip! It is wonderful to see how God is at work in Haiti.  Seeing the beautiful faces of the precious children and having the opportunity to interact with them has been a highlight of our trip.  We have worked hard and enjoyed every minute of it!  Painting murals, the beds for the children, painting door frames, and cleaning the new orphanage has been such a blessing to our group.  We are blessed to serve our God by partnering with ACGI.