Library Interior
The interior of the library

This morning we headed back to the Lebu Community Center for our final day of…you guessed it….painting!! Remarkably, in just a few hours the team was able to paint the entire hallway of the building two different colors as well as completed a repaint job in the large study room for the center. By today, the whole team was like a well-oiled painting machine!

While the team painted, Mathewos and I did some leg work to try to find some additional bookshelves for the Lebu Public Library which is located about 20 feet from the Community Center. When we visited the library on Monday it was obvious that major renovations were needed to improve their existing facility.  The existing building is made of corrugated metal sheeting on the exterior, particle board for the wall structure and burlap sackcloth for the ceiling cover. Two large book shelves filled the back wall when we visited on Monday, but a huge stack of boxed up books sat in the corner due to no shelving space. With our trip funds we were able to purchase 2 additional large bookshelves to go on the adjoining wall. This afternoon we helped the library staff to unload the unused books and organize the room to utilize the new space.

We were so glad to help provide some additional resources for the library. At the same time, the whole team recognized there is a long way to go in order for the Lebu Public Library to serve the community to its fullest potential. The team has been really moved by the needs at the public library and are already looking at creative ways to promote the renovation project with their friends and family after they return home.Tomorrow we will be taking the team to the market to do a little shopping and then visiting a few other child welfare agencies here in Addis.  Should be another full day, but we’re soaking up the moments for sure.