AGCI Travels to China Part 4!

Here’s another update from Jodi, AGCI’s VP of Adoption and Carin, AGCI’s China Case Manager!

The AGCI team enjoyed the weekend exploring and soaking in the culture of Xiamen.  We were fortunate that our two university translators shared history, customs and holiday traditions. We are grateful they helped our team really understand more about China and Xiamen!

We were thrilled to get to see more children after our educational and fun weekend! The morning began by boarding the local High Speed Train from a station in Xiamen to JinJiang traveling at about 125 miles per hour! There was much anticipation knowing that we were headed to update information on many children in order to better advocate for them.

Previously many of the children’s files from the shared list were over five yearsimg_3895  old; AGCI was able to participate in updating these children’s medical files through the special Future Shared List (FSL) project. The FSL’s goal is to provide a platform for increasing advocacy and opportunity to children with outdated medical records. We were blessed with the opportunity to visit another orphanage in the Fujian region and assist with providing the children a thorough medical evaluation.

We were warmly welcomed by the director from Jin Jiang; she was simg_4005o friendly inviting us to their home. The director of the children’s home hosted an authentic tea ceremony, serving delicious tea that is exclusive to that region.  We talked about the children’s home and loved learning that Jin Jiang is the oldest home in the Fujian province. I was able to have time with the director to explain the importance of preparing paperwork early for children. This is the best way for agencies to advocate for these children and AGCI is appreciative of the opportunity to share this with their director.

After meeting childrimg_4024en and updating their files with thorough medical evaluations, we took a lunch break with the JinJiang team- one AGCI team member even tried the eyeball of a local fish!

We met children just under two through twelve years old.  We were struck by one child, who had a repaired heart condition and no longer evidenced any special needs.  This 10-year old girl was friendly and engaging and quickly counted to 100 for us in Chinese.  She was polite, interactive and fun to spend time with.  We were saddened to learn that she did not have any paperwork completed.  We also saw a two year old boy who also no longer evidenced a significant special need.  We spent time advocating for paperwork to be prepared for these children.  Please pray with us that we will see this happen soon!

The time spent with the orphanage staff was unforgettable, but we were elated to meet the children! They are each so unique with their own story and personality! Not only was it fun to run around with the children outside, but it was a blessing to know the children have an outdoor play area at the home. Many are so smart!  It was fun for the children to show off some of their skills both academic and just through play.  We especially enjoyed skipping and dancing around the playground together! Our afternoon was spent providing love and care to these children; one beautiful girl snuggled up with a team member for almost our whole time together.  We appreciated seeing that the children were well cared for and had a home that allows play both inside and outside.

When it came time to depart, our team was sad to leave after building relationships with the JinJiang team and the children at the home, but appreciative for the opportunity to explain more about adoption to their team.

As we come closer to the end of our trip, we continue to pray for this opportunity that God has provided to better advocate for these children and allow us to deeply understand how great the need is to find families families for them!

Please continue to pray for and follow our journey! Thank you!