Advocates in Xiamen!

China International Adoption AGCI staff and a team of advocates have arrived in Xiamen, China! Our team is working to upgrade the baby and toddler floor at our parter home with new bedding, murals, and fun extras to transform the space for 84 orphans!

AGCI team member, Kate McDodson, sent us the report below:

After more than 24 hours of travel we have arrived in Xiamen! Our first day was pretty restful as we recover from the long flight and jet lag but we were able to take a walk around and orientate ourselves to the area. The city is wonderful, the streets are lined with little shops and restaurants and everyone is out and about. There are also so many trees, which this Oregon girl loves to see!

We checked out a local market (lots of great sites and smells) and enjoyed some steamed buns on the street. We were able toChina Service Trip see the Xiamen orphanage, it is a very large building right in the middle of town and houses over 450 children. The first thing you see is the Baby Safety Island, a safe place where families can leave their children if they are no longer able to care for them. Children are then able to receive immediate attention and medical care and families are less likely to abandon their child in an unsafe area.

We have also met Rocky who has been a great tour guide as we get our bearings. Rocky has such a joyful spirit, we are so thrilled to have him on our team.

The rest of the team arrives tonight, and tomorrow bright and early we will hit the ground running. We can’t wait!

Please check back soon for more updates on our journey to Xiamen!