Advocates in Xiamen: Part 3!

IMG 0265AGCI staff and a team of advocates spent the last week in Xiamen, China! Our team worked to upgrade the baby and toddler floor at our parter home with new bedding, murals, and fun extras to transform the space for 84 orphans!

AGCI team member, Kate McDodson, sent us the report below:

Great day! We completed 3 more rooms and were able to spend some time with the kids!

We now have a total of 6 rooms painted. As we paint these rooms it is so fun to watch the children’s reaction to the walls. Little ones will toddle into the rooms and with wide eyes just point to the walls and smile! One little girl even pointed to her new bedding and then to the wall, she understood that the pictures were the same! 

Our time with the children was brief but it was so fun to have them out of the cribs and playing in the activity room we painted. FullSizeRender-32We played with the parachute and some finger paints. The kids and the team were having a great time. This time was so special because even while we work each day on the walls of the orphanage, the reason we are here is the children. It was great to have a moment to love on them.  We expect to have some time with the older children tomorrow! 

IMG_0244To thank the team, the orphanage director took us out to dinner. It was a wonderful time to build relationships with the director. She repeatedly told us how happy she was with the work that we are doing and that we are welcome back any time to do more! We had some delicious traditional Chinese food and many things that are famous to Xiamen city. We laughed a lot and took pictures together. Lots of cheers!

Happy birthday to our one team mates who turned 50 today! What a great way to spend your birthday! Our last day here is tomorrow, prayers for productivity, we hope to complete 2 more rooms!