A Story of Love: Sponsorship Is Life Changing

When little Samuel arrived at our Hannah’s Hope Haiti partner home, he was severely delayed in his development. Due to premature birth and malnourishment prior to his arrival at 7 months old, Samuel’s developmental patterns were similar to that of a two-month-old. While unsure of how Samuel would continue to develop, the special mothers ensured that Samuel received the medical attention, physical therapy, education, and nutrition he needed to get healthy. When the staff look back on those early days with Samuel, they remember the amount of effort it took him to make ordinary movements like stretch out his arms, due to the trauma he had endured in his short life.

Since his arrival over two years ago, Samuel has improved tremendously. Today, Samuel is on track for his age developmentally and thanks to the loving care he is receiving, he is a healthy, happy little boy! Despite his difficult beginnings, thanks to the gift of sponsorship, the majority of Samuel’s life has been filled with love. All of the amazing, 24/7 loving care that Samuel receives every day is fully funded by sponsorship. Without it, Samuel’s story would be very different. The life changing care Samuel continues to receive is 100% funded by the generosity of sponsors. Watch baby Samuel in action! 

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Sponsorship allows Samuel, and the other orphans, to know love while they wait for a family of their own. Sadly, this is not the norm—many orphanages around the world are understaffed and over crowded. Sponsorship allows for a orphan to feel loved when they need it most, while they are without a family of their own. While our hope is that every child can grow up within a family, whether it’s through adoption, or reunification with their birth family, this isn’t always possible. Sponsorship funded elevated orphan care allows us to ensure that every child is loved no matter what.

For just $40 a month, you can give love to an orphan through sponsorship. Want to change the life of an orphan like Samuel through the gift of sponsorship? Click here!