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All God’s Children International is licensed to complete home studies and post-adoption visits for adoptive families in Oregon.
Your home study will be completed by a licensed social worker who will work closely with you to create an in-depth report on your family as you begin the process of adopting a child. AGCI staff will make sure that we meet all Oregon adoption law requirements as well as the international adoption requirements for your adopted child’s home country. The home study includes interviews, a home visit, paperwork, and a variety of assessments. Your social worker will write and compile the final home study report, which becomes an important document throughout the adoption process.


In addition to international adoptions, we also offer adoptions to Oregon residents through the Oregon Foster Child Adoption Program. AGCI’s partnership with the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS)  allows us to provide opportunities for Oregon families to pursue an adoption of a child or children from the foster care system. The state of Oregon currently cares for thousands of foster children, with approximately 100 orphans waiting to be placed into permanent adoptive homes at any given time.
Orphans adopted through the Oregon Waiting Child Program are waiting to thrive with a loving and supportive forever family. Most children in Oregon’s foster care system are school age or part of a sibling group. Children come from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. All of these children have experienced various degrees of neglect or abuse and many have cognitive, physical, and/or emotional delays.
The Oregon DHS offers a reimbursement to every adoptive family of $1,500 at the finalization of the adoption for expenses paid to the adoption agency. In addition, the federal government currently offers an adoption tax credit to adoptive families in the year their adoption is finalized. Families who adopt through the state of Oregon may also be eligible for additional resources and support through DHS. The services available include health insurance similar to Medicaid, a monthly stipend for care of the child, and referral to resources.


Children available for adoption can range in age from 12 months to 17 years. There are also many sibling groups waiting for a permanent family. Families who enter this program must be open to adopting a child up to at least the age of 3.
Please contact us to learn more about how to adopt a child through our international adoption programs or our Oregon Foster Child Adoption Program (open to Oregon residents only).

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