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Episode 83

Meet Residents of Our Independence Program Home

Angie and Taty, Independence Program Home Residents

You are listening to Together by AGCI. I’m Melissa Rush. And I’m Marisa Butterworth. Today we hit the honor of chatting with some of our favorite people all the way from Bogotá, Colombia. Angie and Taty are residents of AGCI’s Dream Home, and our incredible young women who are working towards their college degrees will also enroll. The AGCI’s Independence Program. We are also joined by Wendy, who is a part of our AGCI team and providing some support in the translation department. Thank you. Wendy, Angie, and Taty are both native Spanish speakers, so we are just extra impressed that they were willing to even join us today in English. And my Spanish is horrible, so thank you. Thank you. Wendy Mine too would’ve been a very disastrous Spanish podcast, so fortunately that’s not how we had to do it. This is a fun episode and I think it gives you a little bit of an inside look into life at the dream home and also the amazing work that is made possible to keep the support of people like you. Let’s get into our conversation.

Well, we are so excited to have Angie, Taty, and Wendy joining us all the way from Bogota, Colombia. Welcome guys. Thanks for being here. Thank you. Thank you. Nice to meet you. Well, thank you. And I’m especially impressed because I have to just mention this first, not to put them on the spot, but I’m always impressed when people are willing to get on and talk to us in their second language. So yes, absolutely. I met Angie last year and I met Tati, I don’t know how many years ago, like back in maybe 2017 or 2018. And when I met Tati, she didn’t speak any English and oh my goodness. And she’s amazing. So I’m so excited. Thank you both for joining us. It means so much to both Melissa and I and of all the people to be speaking with. I feel so honored that you would both feel willing and feel safe enough to talk to us. So this is gonna be a really fun episode though, getting to know you two. So thank you. Would you both mind introducing yourselves? And it can be really simple, you know, you don’t have to go into great detail, whatever you want to say. Oh, and then, oh my gosh, Wendy before we start. So Wendy is sitting back there and she is right there in the middle if you’re watching the video. And she is incredible and is on our team in ag at AGCI in Latin America.

And she’s gonna be here, she’s gonna interject here and there, but she’s also gonna translate just in case we say anything that doesn’t make sense, so, which we probably will, cuz it’s Marisa and I, so, so thank you too for setting this up and being willing to be on here with us too. The crazy podcast. Wendy. No, it’s a pleasure for me to be here. So I’ll start actually Angie, if you wanna introduce yourself first and then Tati, and then Wendy, if you would introduce yourself as well, that’d be great. Okay. Well, so, hi, my name is Angelica, but I prefer that the people call me Angie. I’m 22 years old, last week was my birthday, so Oh, happy birthday. Thank you. Happy birthday. That’s exciting. Yeah, I am lawyer student and I, I am in my last year of the university. Okay, awesome. What are you studying? I’m lawyer so, well, it’s law like, okay. Yeah, but so you’re pre-law maybe. I don’t know if that makes sense, but Okay. I love it. And then go for it. Taty. I’m Taty, I’m 23 years old. I’m studying international business and relationship and a business administration. Love it. Very cool. So hi everyone, I’m Wendy. I am communications manager for AGCI Latin America. I’m very happy to be here. Love it.

And I won’t ask you how old you are, but that question gets less fun as it’s not fun after a certain, after like 22, really? 23. That’s when it’s not fun anymore. Oh my gosh, yes. Well, thank you guys for being on here and you know, helping us with this. So Melissa, I’m gonna let you start and we’ll just like go back and forth so it’s easier. Perfect. Yeah. Well, yeah, thank you. I mean, I just wanna echo everything Marissa said. I just so appreciate you guys taking the time out of your busy, busy days to be here. You’re both, you know, students and Wendy, you also have a lot going on, so we so appreciate this and I just think it’ll be fun for people to kinda get to know you guys a little bit better, us included. So I would love if you guys could kind of just share a little bit about what it’s like to live at the dream home. Like what does a typical day look like? Angie, do you wanna start? Yeah, of course. Well, I first go to the, to the university, so I wake up so early. Yeah. And now I stay at home, so I don’t know, I, I watch a TV show or, or read or make workers of the university and sometimes I stay like time with the other girls of the house. So I think that is So how you say, like how relaxed?

Like relaxed. Oh, good. Awesome. What about you Taty? For me, it’s the same because I used to get up early, go to university, I go for food and go to the university again. And in the night, in the night, in the night I come here if for to share with other girls and go to sleep and do it all again. Yeah, I know. I’m like thinking back to being in college and I’m like, that sounds about right. It’s like you’re, you go to school, you like spend time with your friends. We didn’t, I like, now they have all these like, crazy streaming services and things you can like watch like all your favorite shows on your computer and yes, like I had to go to like the common areas that hope that like lost was playing or something. I dunno. So yeah, different time. But anyway, it’s totally, it must be different with like, yeah. Streaming services it’s different, but that sounds bad how it goes in college. Okay, so here’s like, this is the real question that I’ve always wanted to ask and I really never have in all my trips is what is it like living with 22, 23 other girls? Like, is that hard? It’s a lot.

Well, I think that sometimes because going to, we know we’re woman, so we’re a little bit crazy and it’s so difficult to be like with 23 more girls because one thing is that you say like with a little group of three person. Yeah. But I think that relationships in the house are better from years ago. Oh, that’s good. That’s great. At the, at the beginning was difficult, but now it is, it’s more difficult because, eh, we learn about the other girls and it’s most, it’s most easy to, it is more easy to share with their, with other girls. Yeah, that makes sense. That it would get easier, you know, as time goes on that you kind of adapt. But that’s what I would think. I mean, us, us ladies can sometimes be a lot. I mean guys too, they can yes. Be a lot living together, but I respect all of you so much for how hard you must work just on that, even to respect each other and give each other space. And then also, you know, there are, I’m assuming there are new, you know, women coming in and out of the home too sometimes, so yeah, it sounds like a lot. But that’s what I’ve always wanted to ask. It sounds hard. I mean that, that could be so fun and so hard. Well, and were both of you there through Covid?

I think that it was like the, a war here in the house, so, well not being able to leave really, that’s gotta add a whole other element. Like you have no, yeah, there’s no escape. Yeah, there’s no, there’s no, yeah, there’s no escape. Yeah. That’s how we all felt at our homes, but we didn’t have 23 other girls. So yeah. That would be difficult. Yes. My gosh. Well, so you kind of gave us like a, you know, a typical, a typical day in the life at the dream home, but like on the weekend or you know, on a school break, like what do you guys like to do with your free time? Like what are you interested in? I’d love to love to know outside of school. Normally in my free time I like, I like to, to craft, craft, to play piano, to wow. To watch movies sometimes. Sometimes. And to, to learn more about a interesting topics. Yeah. That’s awesome. How long have you been playing the piano? Yeah, two years ago. Wow. Wow. That’s so cool. I have so much respect. I’ve always, like, I love music and I’ve always wanted to like learn how to play an instrument, but I’ve never had the, the drive or commitment to, to actually put in the work, so. Wow. Kudos to you. That’s really cool. What about you Angie? What do you like to do?

Okay, well, in weekends I, I like to sleep, but now it’s so fun because in the week, like the, I wake up so early, so the weekends I also wake up so early because I don’t know the, the brain. It’s like, wake up. Yes. You’re programmed. Yes. And I’m like, I want to sleep more, but I can’t. So I don’t know. I stay at home. I sometimes go out with friends. I like so much going to Destiny and new movies. I also stay at home. I, I like to cook. I love TikTok. So TikTok is like their best to that. Oh, TikTok for recipes. Yeah. You can find what you want. So I don’t know, I want to do a new thing with the chicken. So there is TikTok, huh? Oh, that’s smart. Yeah, I’m like, I don’t those, I don’t know how to use TikTok, so. Okay. Word of advice for you, for you. Word of advice for everyone listening. My daughter made these TikTok Oreo brownies. Wow. Oh. And they, I thought, oh that seems like an interesting recipe. You mash up the Oreos and you add milk and you put it in and you stir it up and put it in the microwave. That’s all. Stay away from these brownies. They were the most disgusting thing. She went and sold them around our whole neighborhood. And my neighbors were like, those were the worst brownies we’ve ever had in my life.

And they were Taty. I was like, they’re TikTok brownies people side conversation. But don’t let your children do it. And Angie do not make those. Don’t fall for the, I was going to ask you for one when you came for to Colombia, but No, no, no. We’ll make some regular brownies. Yeah. She was so proud of them and they were so disgusting. I tried, one was like, oh my gosh, these are so bad. So side side, you gotta try, you gotta try new things. Right? Like what if they had been amazing? Cause I was like, that is such an easy recipe. Like you started this off and I was like, do I need to go get Oreos today after work? Like, I think I might need to, but I won’t now. It sounds like No, I mean just enjoy ’em as they are and them in milk. Yes. Dip them and don’t microwave them. It’s just really bad. There’s one in TikTok, there is like an ice cream of Oreo and you make like the same, you take the, the the milk and the, okay. And you put it like in the, how you say, in the box. In the box of the Oreo. And you take it Okay. Into the freezer. Into the freezer. But it’s horrible. Oh, it’s is the, it was horrible too. See I ice cream. You had me again. I’m like Oreos ice cream. Cause they’re so good.

It sounds like it would be a winner, but yes. You would think that would be good, but no. Okay. It’s good to know. I won’t let Harper do that. Oh my gosh. Okay. So I’ll ask more of a serious question now and not talk about Oreo, nasty Oreo brownies. So what are you both doing in school right now and what do you both hope to do when you graduate? Okay, now I’m, well I also say that I am, I’m studying law, so I’m my last year of subjects. And what I don’t know is that my dream always it’s is to to life in other country. Yeah. And so next year I want to make like a technical technical, like a technical technical. A technical of a criminal investigation. Oh wow. Wow. Yeah. I, I love like that area. So I hope that that technical my career helped me to, to find that job that I would like and start my life like in other country. That’s incredible. You’re gonna do it. I have full faith in you. I can’t wait to see it. And now I am in my seventh semester and after my career I want to go to, to do a master degree in Australia. Wow. Yes. You told me that when I was there last time. I love that. Yeah. Oh, and I’ve never been to Australia. It’s, he’s like on my list.

So if I go there, I’m gonna look you up and you’re gonna have to show me around if I ever get to go. Ditto. I’m, I’m coming too. I wanna see. Well, we’ll go together Melissa. Yeah. I want you have to give us a tour talk work. It’s a work dream. We need to, you hear that? We have to need to go visit Taty in Australia. It’s really important. That’s amazing. She’s like, I don’t want you to come. I know, right? She’s like, oh no. So I mean, Angie you just kind of said what your dream job is, Tati. Like do you have a dream job that you’re working towards? Yeah, I want to, to work in a multinational company about international logistic. I like that. Wow. That’s amazing. You too are the coolest. You really are amazing. You’re very inspiring. I’m just like very smart. It’s so cool, I think. Yes, yes. Yeah. And so it’s, I think it’s so hard like in college to kind of have a clear vision of what you wanna do or at least I felt that way. And so I’m just so impressed that you guys just have a vision of what you wanna do and you’re working toward it and you’re gonna achieve it and you’re gonna do amazing things and we just can’t wait to watch, watch it all happen. It’s, it’s really cool.

I I feel like this time in your life is like, you just, there’s so much you go through, you know, as a young woman in college and what, what do you guys feel like you’ve learned about yourself over the last few years? That’s kind of a hard question. Yeah. Well, I, I think that in I change a lot. I, I have, I change taste like from here to, to here. It’s, it’s so long. Yeah. Because with the time I make like an own work to accept me in bearing some aspects of my life. And to understand that what the society says of you, it doesn’t matter. Yeah. Yeah. You have to, to love yourself and be like, I like this so I do this. Yeah. So I think that is my big change. Percept percept me and that with the people that I’m today, they love me that Oh yeah. Yeah. That’s, that’s so amazing. Angie. And you know, I just have to commend you cuz that’s something that a lot of people never, you know, discover in their whole life. You know, that like, the importance of, of loving yourself and, and of finding other people that love and accept you exactly as you are because they’re out there. And I’m just, I’m so proud of you for, for coming that realization at such a young age cuz it’s, it’s tough to do. What about you Taty? I’m working in myself.

For me it’s important to improve my confidence and my spiritual, my my spiritual part because for me that’s very important and I’m working that. Yeah. Yeah. So hard. Well, you just transitioned into my next question very well because I know that this could, this is a little bit personal, so please know that you can answer however much or little that you wanna share. But I know that you both have been on kind of a spiritual journey as you’re, as you’re also getting to know yourselves better and as a person. And is there anything that you feel comfortable sharing with us? Cuz I love hearing about it and I feel like every time I talk to you, you, anyone at the dream home, I just learned so much myself too. In my case, eh, my spiritual, spiritual part is very important because now I’m in a Christian Church and for me it’s very special to know about, eh, the love of Jesus for us. I believe in God and in his love for us. And for me it’s important to share that with other people because God, God is is, is all, is all for me. And the love of Jesus is, is very, is very big for all people. I love that. Well said. I love it. Okay, well Angie, do you wanna share? You don’t have to, but if you’d like to we’d love it. Don’t worry. Yeah.

Well in my case it’s been like a big, how you say Taty in or way or like a Yeah, a big way because this year I proposed like I have to have another relationship with God. With God. Yeah. Because it was not like present, it was not like present in my life. So I have to improve it. So I, I go to, I went to some spiritual, how you say? Retreat. Retreat. Okay. Spiritual. Oh wow, okay. Yeah. And there I work some things that I understand that God is, is a father and he’s a friend. Yeah. And he love us as we are. So I’m like in that why also the people, they surprised a lot because I was a person that was not, don’t talk me about that I respect, but don’t talk to me like, oh, oh, oh dad. Yeah. So they suppress a lot when I say like, yeah, I’m, I believe and they are what? Yeah. Yeah. I believe I love it. Well, I think, I don’t know, I identify with that too. I think sometimes the god that some people tell us God is, you know, it’s hard sometimes it can do damage instead of being, you know, somebody that we want to get to know better. And to, I love how you said it, Tati, like, just that he’s, I can’t remember even how you phrased it, but that he’s for all of us.

Like he loves, he made you, he loves you just the way you both are. And it’s such like a huge idea that a God could love us just for us. And it helps, like you said, Angie, it helps so much when we’re trying to love ourselves to know that we were created this way for a reason and that God loves us the way we are. And that’s so hard. I don’t know Melissa, if you’ve or Wendy, like if you’ve dealt with that, but I know I have. So I appreciate you sharing that. Yeah. Thank you guys for sharing. I know that’s a personal topic, so thank you for, for opening up about that. Well, this is kind of a turn, but what, what are you guys most excited for in your future? You both just shared like amazing plans and I have absolutely no doubt that you have bright futures in every possible way. But what what excites you most for me is my professional life. My, my professional life. Because I have the curiosity for that. Because in my career I come do eh, a lot of things, but I need to focus in one and I don’t know. Well, in my case, I, I want to have a family. Yeah. And was my, one of my big dreams to have my, my children. So, yeah. Oh, I love it. Yeah. I want to to a lot. Yeah. I want to adopt.

I want to adopt three. Yeah. Re oh my goodness. The children need to love in. So I Yes, I love it to read that. I, I’m excited for both of you. I think. Yeah. Like, I excited that you are, you know, excited about your career. Tati and Angie three kids. I have three kids. It’s a lot of work, but it’s also, it’s also the best thing ever. So, you know, it’s, it’s, you’ll be a wonderful mom. I have no doubt. You will be. You will be. That’s amazing. That’s so exciting. That is exciting. I love that. So we wanted to do something fun and we’ve never ever done this before, so this could totally crash and burn. We could, this could be bad or it could be fun, but we wanna do a speed round of fun questions so that we can get to know each other better. And I mean, be nervous because Wendy, we’re going to bring you along on this too. Yeah. You get to participate. Oh my God, they’re fun questions. They’re fun questions. Okay. They shouldn’t, you know, you shouldn’t be too nervous, I don’t think. But, so, okay. So we’re gonna ask them as fast as we can, or I’m sorry, we’re gonna, we’re not gonna ask ’em as fast as we can. We’re gonna talk fast too. No, we’re gonna ask and you, you guys answer as quickly as you can.

Just the first thing that pops in your head. Okay. And Marissa and I are going to alternate asking the questions to avoid confusion. Sure. Ask them. Marissa, why don’t you start and then I’ll go second and we’ll see if we can do this. Okay. Okay. Okay. Is everyone, are you ready? Ready, ready. Okay. What’s your favorite TV show? Okay. The Office Friends a hundred. Perfect. Ooh, those are good. Okay. What are your favorite movies? Okay. Decoration. Pick the holiday. Ooh, that’s, oh, I love it. What was that? Taty trick. Okay. Oh good. What’s your favorite book? Book? Okay. Theran writer. I’m reading right now the 5:00 AM Club and 100 Years of Solitude. Oh my gosh. That’s on my list. I have not read it. Yes. Okay. What is your favorite food? Mexico Italian Colomb food. You can’t go wrong. Gross. Yeah, no, I was like, all those sound delicious sounds are really good. I didn’t them too. Okay. Okay. What food grosses you out the most? Gross. It’s, it’s, it’s one vegetable, but I don’t remember remember the name? Celery? Yeah, that one. Celery. Celery. Oh totally. I passed. Okay. Okay. Chicken. Chicken. Oh, I honestly see what you mean with that. Like raw chicken though. Oh yeah. Raw chicken. There’s something really gross about that for sure. Okay. What’s your, oh you’re vegetarian? Yes, I get it. Okay. What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekend? Watch movies.

The same watch movies and see my friends to go with my boyfriend to travel to work. Love it. Awesome. What, who is your favorite musical artist? Okay, well mine is a band. I would say my father and new wine is the name. New one. New wine. New one Wine. Cool. Okay. I wanna, I want you to say what your father’s name is so people can listen to his music. So it’s Rafael Orozco, that’s his name. Right? We’ll put it on there. So everybody you have to go on and listen. It’s, he’s on Spotify. Okay. Is it your turn, Melissa? I’ve lost track. I speed round. I’m so bad. No, I know. We’re terrible. I think it’s your turn cuz I, I said musical artists and wondered if that was the right way. Okay, good. Okay. What annoys you most? Okay. Well the Lies Lies the same. Lies. Oh yeah. That’s kind of top of source. That’s a, yep. That’s it. What makes you happy? The food. Food and music. Yes. Travel. All of those. Love it. Okay. This is a hard one. Who’s your favorite Disney character? Wip. I don’t have, I, I is that there a lot? So I don’t know when Poop. That’s it perfect for me. Ariel. Oh, me too. For me. Oh, I love all of them. I love all of them. Okay. Your turn right, Melissa? Okay. Yes. Yeah, we’re really, we’re really doing great. I’m bad at this.

I know, I know. To keep track. Okay. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas. Christmas year. Okay. Okay. What is your favorite thing about yourself? Okay. I think that’s my love, happiness, and creativity. Love it. Love it. Okay. This is a really difficult question. What do you like on your pizza? Hard hitting journalistic question. Yes. Yes. Well, am I doing some chicken pepperoni? I’m too. You like Wendy? I thought you were vegetarian. I’m not. I’m only allergic to chicken, but I am not a vegetarian. Oh, oh, okay, okay, okay, okay. I had to clarify. I was like, yes. Wait a second. Pepperoni. I mean, it’s delicious. I, no, you knows all good, but, okay. Well, you guys did it. That’s like the best speed round. Our best and only speed round in question speed round. I’m like, woohoo. I know. We gotta practice our work. You guys were fantastic. I I I need work. I need work on my delivery. Oh my gosh. That was, that was funny. Okay, well, you two were amazing. We so appreciate, but I wanna open it up to Melissa right now. If you could ask Melissa any question, what would it be? Thank you. You can ask my eyes. You can ask me too. And I wanna put Melissa on the spot. Great. Okay. Okay. Well, which is your favorite movie? Oh my gosh. My favorite movie. This is hard. I Okay. I probably best in show. It’s very funny.

That’s good. Maybe. Okay. I was gonna say it’s in the same vein, waiting for Guffman, which is by the page. I seen that. What? Okay. You have to, and then also Pride and Prejudice. Do you guys, have you ever seen that one? I I like all, there are a million of them, like a million versions, but I’m talking specifically of the, the one with Kira Knightly. Have you ever seen it? No. No. I haven’t written the book either, which is for my English major self Pride and Prejudice. You have to watch it someday. Pride and Prejudice. Okay. Okay. Now you guys have to ask Marissa a really hard hit. I know. I just, in there now. I’m scared. Is Cartoon or Disney character? Disney character? Eh? Where is your favorite Disney character? Oh, I, as you can see behind me, I really like, like Disneyland. Perfect person to ask to. And that’s, that’s a map. If you’re, if you’re just listening, there’s a map of Disneyland behind me and all. Then I collected vintage Disney things, so she has a hat a flag. Now I’m a Disney. Do Now you guys don’t, I would say my favorite like movie character is probably like old school Cinderella. I loved Cinderella when I was little, but I also am like a classic Mickey fan as well. So, I mean, it could go either way. What about you, Melissa?

Do you have a favorite or not As dork as I am, I do. No, no, no, no, no. I, it’s Ariel. When I was about three years old, I watched The Little Mermaid every day. I like broke the VHS tape because my ma my mom put it on so many times. Yes. I also dressed up as her for Halloween probably six or seven times. So yeah, it was kind of a borderline obsession. But yeah, I, I love it. So you’re gonna see, are you gonna see the new movie? Yes. I’m so excited. Okay, ladies, about next. See Yes and no. This No gonna see the new one? Yes. No. Oh, where I’m gonna, I love the little movie. I know. It’s a great, great story. So Taty have more question for you guys. Okay. Okay. Eh, where will you like to travel? Oh, New Zealand, Australia. I’m just gonna say the first things that came into my mind. Yeah, I mean, I, I’m not gonna steal Marissa’s answer, but that was also on my list. I think I would really like to go to Iceland. Is that the way we have all the like hot bath things? Yes. It just looks beautiful. I don’t know, but I mean the, I like, how much time do you have? Cuz it’s like this list could go on endlessly. I was, I wanna go to Portugal. Yeah. I mean Spain, Greece. I’ve never been any of those places.

These are all places. Me too. Someday. What’s top on your guys’ list? Well, I went, I want to go to, to Germany. You’d love it there. Pretzels. Yeah, pretzels looks beautiful, sounds amazing. All of that. Especially after Covid. No. Oh, say that again. Eh, China. China, Japan. Yes. Japan. Awesome. I don’t know. South Korea. Oh wow. Love it. Well, world travelers. Do it all. Send us postcards. Okay. I love it. Well, I, I’m gonna wrap us up, but we so appreciate you all joining us Wendy. Thank you for translating and getting it all set up. Yeah. And Angie and Taty know that everyone at AGCI is rooting for you and we love you guys so much and I know everyone listening is just gonna fall in love with you both too. And, and we pray for you and we can’t wait. We’re so excited to see all that God has in store for you in your life. And I agree. I’m glad you both know how adored you are by God and that he loves you so much and we all join in on that and are so grateful and thankful. Thank you guys. We’re very happy to be here with you. Yeah. Good to see you again. Thanks guys. You thank you for the opportunity with us. We also want that you came again to Colombia.

You know, we are here to go out and do different things in or I don’t know, in the city or in other place. Also, we are also grateful for the things that you do for us. And thank you for we believe in you. Yeah. Thank you for your support, for your love, eh, for us. It’s very important to have that. God bless you. And we want to see you soon. Yes. We wanna be there soon. Yes. Yeah, please. Anytime I’m, I’m happy to come. Yes. Well thank you guys. Thank you guys so much.

That was Angie and Taty, AGCI Dream Home Resident and Wendy Orozco. AGCI’s LATAM Communications Director. Thanks for listening to Together by AGCI. As always, if you liked what you heard, please rate or review us wherever you listen to podcasts. If you’d like to read or watch even more stories, check out our website, Reach out to us and let us know what you think on Instagram @allgodschildreninternational or email us at We look forward to sharing another story of hope. The next time we’re together. We’ll talk to you soon.