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“Everyone at AGCI was extremely helpful and walked us through every step of the way. We had a lot of questions and all of our questions were answered as the process went along. We knew exactly what was expected in the process due to the extremely organized and well managed AGCI staff. Even when we traveled to China, I was amazed at how smooth everything went. Our guide was extremely helpful and was able to take us exactly where we needed to go and let us know what we would need when we got there. Since we picked Joshua off the waiting child list our adoption was completed within 9 months. I was very pleased it went that quickly.

Since Joshua had a medical condition called spina bifida, this added a new dimension to the adoption. We had medical questions and concerns. We were able to access his medical history through AGCI and have a doctor review it before we committed fully to the adoption. All medical facts were disclosed in the paperwork we received and there were no surprises as far as health goes. When we received Joshua, it was like he had always been ours from birth even though he was 3 ½ years old when we adopted him. He has adjusted well to our family and is a treasure to us all! We highly recommend adoption and adopting through AGCI especially!”