Heritage Family Program

Adopting from Colombia

Heritage Family

Do you have roots in Latin America and are interested in adoption? AGCI’s Heritage Family Adoption Program is designed for Heritage Families interested in adopting children from Colombia!

What is the Heritage Family Adoption Program?

This special program is just for families of Latin American heritage and provides a unique opportunity for adopted children to grow up within a family that shares their cultural background.

Benefits of the Heritage Family Adoption Program

  • We never want cost to prevent a Heritage Family from uniting with their child. Reach out to us to learn more about grants. 
  • Ability to provide your child with a home that has a deeper understanding of your shared culture 

Who Qualifies for the Heritage Adoption Program?

The Heritage Family Program is a special adoption program just for families with Latin American heritage. To qualify as a Heritage family, at least one parent must have proof of Latin American heritage including but not limited to: a passport, cedula, ID Card, or birth certificate from a Latin American country. At least one parent must also have proof of US Citizenship for purposes of completion of a Hague Adoption Process via US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Colombian Heritage Families

Due to a special program implemented by the Colombian government, families of Colombian heritage are eligible for special benefits when adopting a child from Colombia, including:

  • Faster adoption timelines
  • Eligibility to adopt children of a wide range of ages (including infants) and minor medical needs


Interested in adopting a child from Latin America? Get started by filling out a free Pre-App to learn more about our program in Colombia!