Adopt Lewis

Our team had the opportunity to meet Lewis in August and see what a joyful boy he is! Lewis has a generous and empathetic spirit. He’s a happy child, who loves to laugh, make jokes and show his silly side!

Lewis loves going to school where his favorite class is art, and he can work on improving his painting abilities! Lewis told our team that math is easy for him, and he is working on mastering his addition and subtraction skills. Lewis works hard in school and perseveres when facing a challenging task. When he’s not busy with his classes, he loves to play soccer with his friends! Lewis is learning to play the drums and has a great interest in the arts. He wants to share his drum skills by playing in the school band!

Lewis has dreams of learning to fly a plane and learning how to make pizza and deliver it when he gets older!

Lewis wants to feel loved and welcomed in a family of his own. Would you consider Lewis becoming part of your family? To learn more about Lewis, please reach out to Tanna at or at 503-893-1345.