Adopt Gina, Rhiannon, & Kyle

Gina, Rhiannon, and Kyle are sweet, loving siblings! All three children are incredible bonded to each other and have shared that their deepest wish is to be adopted.

Gina is a sweet, confidant girl! Gina is in the 10th grade and very social; she has many friends. She’s great at expressing herself and often shows initiative and actively participates in group activities within the home.  While Gina has some learning disorders, her concentration is great and she works with a special teacher to ensure she adapts well to school. Gina enjoys watching TV, listening to music, and taking walks.

Rhiannon is a calm, friendly child! This sweet girl has a wonderful carefree spirit and loves to play, draw, and take walks. Rhiannon is in the 7th grade and is very well adapted to school.

Kyle is a calm and quiet boy. He loves to play with toys—especially building toys and cars and he also likes to color! Kyle also likes to take walks, kick around a ball, dance, and listen to music. Kyle is in the 5th grade and while he has a learning development disorder, he is working with a special teacher and has an individualized educational plan.

These amazing siblings deserve to know the love of a family!

The family adopting Gina, Rhiannon and Kyle may be eligible for our need-based AGCI Adoption Grant, which can assist a family in up to $3,000 toward adoption fees. For more information please reach out to Haley at