Last Chance for Family


We believe that every child deserves to grow up within a loving family. Tragically, in many countries, if a child is not adopted before the age of 15, they age out of care and become ineligible to be adopted. If the children below are not adopted soon, they will spend the rest of their lives as orphans—struggling to get by without the love and guidance of a family of their own. You can make a difference by praying, sharing their stories, and reaching out to us if any of these sweet kids tug on your heart.

There are so many older orphans waiting for families. To see more older children who are waiting for a family CLICK HERE!

Meet Heather

heather114-year-old Heather is an old soul. While she comes from a very hard place, she is bright, positive, and strong in every way. Heather is known as the “dancing queen” and is always teaching the younger children at the home her favorite dance moves. Heather fully understands she only has about 6 months before she is ineligible to be adopted. She prays every day for a family of her own and is scared for what lays ahead if she is not adopted. Can you make her wish for family come true?

To learn more about Heather, please reach out to Soojin here.

Meet Jamie

jessicaJamie is a sweet 14-year-old girl who has been praying for a forever family since she came into care 6 years ago. Jamie is attending school and excelling in English, science and social studies. Like many 14 –year-old girls, Jamie is into doing her hair, dressing up, dancing, and chatting with her friends. Jamie’s biggest wish is to have a mom who will help her with homework, a dad to provide a loving home, and a dog to play with.

To learn more about Jamie, please reach out to Soojin here.