Home Study Fees



Home Studies
Application Fee $300
AGCI Home Study $2200
Home Study Update/Addendum (text change, minor change, no home visit required) $400
Home Study Update (with visit and/or extensive changes)Program Conversion Home Study $900
Post-Adoption Report
Single child, per report (# of reports varies by program requirements) $400
Multiple children, per report, one home visit
First Child Fee $400
Additional Child Fee $225
Miscellaneous Post-Adoption Report without visit
(i.e.: Court Report)
First Child Fee $200
Additional Child Fee $100


Additional Costs
AGCI has a service area of 40 miles (round trip) from our office or nearest social worker in each state. Families will be billed for mileage outside of the service area. Families will be responsible for additional travel fees (i.e., travel time, airfare, hotel, meals, etc.).

$0.50 per mile after 40 miles round trip

Travel Time
$15.00 per hour, after two hours of travel round trip

Adoptive Parent Education
We require that all adoptive parents complete training courses through Adoption Learning Partners prior to beginning home study visits. These courses are available online for a cost of approximately $215 per family, per adoption.