Unfortunately, due to privacy restrictions, AGCI is unable to publicly share information about Frankie. We have just a few weeks to advocate for this sweet boy and we need your help! Please pray and share his page and story with family and friends!

Sweet Frankie is such an affectionate little boy! Frankie likes to give hugs and is a very loving kid! This cutie loves to be read to and is very into superheroes at the moment! Frankie is in preschool and while he has struggled with his transition into care over the last year, we know that with the unconditional love of a family he’ll thrive. Frankie is very caring towards those closest to him and gets along very well with younger children. He’s very playful—he loves running, playing with cars and tricycles, making clay figures, and painting. Frankie also loves going on fun outings! He loves going to parks, farms, and to the movies.

Frankie has three siblings, but sadly, the adoption committee has decided to adopt them out individually into families. All of Frankie’s siblings have already been matched with their forever families–this sweet boy desperately need to know just how loved and wanted he is! Frankie is currently attending therapies to help him overcome previous trauma and is making great progress. He has expressed that he wants to be in an environment where he feels loved and well treated and asks about adoptive families! We know amazing things are possible for Frankie—this sweet boy needs a family of his own to love and support him!

If you are interested in learning more about Frankie, please contact Soojin Park, at 971-244-1453 or