Upcoming Vision Trips

We are committed to training and equipping our short-term vision trip teams with the knowledge and resources needed to make a lasting difference. We invite you to come alongside us as we answer God’s call and create sustainable change on a global scale!

Travel With Us!



June 17-21

September 9-15


July 22-26

Dates listed reflect time scheduled to be in-country. Travel will likely take place the day preceding and following.

We hope you are able to join us on a trip to Colombia or Ethiopia and see our work in action! 


Our focus on vision trips is to:

  • Meet real needs
  • Reinforce existing partnerships
  • Make a lasting impact
  • Build spiritual foundation
  • Encourage in-country staff
  • Support orphans and vulnerable children
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Please ensure you have a valid passport as soon as possible. If you already have one, check to confirm it does not expire within six months of the travel date and that you have at least four blank visa pages. If you do not have a passport, cannot find it, or need to renew it, go to the passport office and file for a new one immediately. The process could take as long as six weeks. For more information, visit www.travel.state.gov/passport. If your trip is less than six weeks away, you might want to consider contacting an expedited service such as www.zvs.com.

Most pharmacies or grocery stores with a photo-processing center should be able to help. FedEx, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Costco are a few places that offer passport photo services.

Each country establishes their own regulations regarding international entry and exit. An AGCI trip coordinator will inform you of any special requirements in conjunction with your specific destination.

Visit your physician or local travel health clinic four to eight weeks before departure in order to inquire about pre-travel health requirements including immunizations. You can also find helpful resources on the following sites:

An AGCI trip coordinator will be in contact regarding making travel arrangements for your trip. Please do not book travel prior to speaking with an AGCI representative. 

Trip participants are responsible for insuring themselves while traveling abroad.  You can find country specific health and safety information, as well as tips on travel insurance at www.travel.state.gov.

Mail checks to:
All God’s Children International
1400 NE 136th Ave Suite 201
Vancouver, WA 98684


You may also make trip payments online.


Most trips have buffet-style meals on-site at the guesthouse and/or at restaurants. Many guesthouses have breakfast included in the stay. Talk to your trip coordinator to know more about your particular country location. Please also let your trip coordinator know if you have any food allergies.

Each country has different hotel/guesthouse arrangements. Accommodations will range from guesthouses to local hotels. Ask your trip coordinator about arrangements for your country location.

Clothing should not be revealing or skimpy. Women should wear modest dresses, skirts, pants, capris, Bermuda shorts (to the knees), and men should wear long pants. Sleeveless shirts or sleeveless dresses are allowed, but please no revealing or thin-strapped tank tops. For shoes, you will want to have at least one pair of comfortable walking shoes that are close-toed, but it is also acceptable to wear flip-flops or sandals. We suggest that you do not bring anything of sentimental value with you since there is the risk of theft or loss (i.e., watches, rings, jewelry, lots of camera equipment).

Most locations will have access to the internet in the hotel or guesthouse where you are staying. Most cell phone companies have international roaming which can be set up in advance of your trip.

There are intrinsic risks to travel, but AGCI is committed to doing all we can to provide you with a safe and memorable travel experience. Our trip coordinators and leaders are experienced in international travel and will do everything in their power to provide the safest journey possible. More than likely, this trip will stretch your comfort level, but your safety is our primary concern. If your trip coordinator becomes aware of any unique risks or extenuating circumstances that could impact your health and safety, they will inform you and take measures to ensure your safety. Individual participants can also be aware of country specific safety concerns by signing up to receive travel advisories through the United States Secretary of State.

Getting sick is always a concern when you are traveling internationally. Be sure to consult with your physician or a travel health clinic prior to departure to mitigate any potential health risks. While traveling, please follow the lead of your group leader when selecting what food and beverages to eat as foodborne illnesses are a common concern while traveling. It’s advisable that participants bring first aid and over-the-counter medications to address such illnesses. Consult your physician if additional prescription medications are advisable while traveling to your host country.

The cost of the trip covers meals, transportation, translation, lodging, planned relief projects, tours, and trip coordination/leadership. Therefore, you only need money for souvenirs, snacks, and miscellaneous optional items. Do not attempt to convert currency until you have been advised to do so by your group leaders. In many locations, group leaders will make an exchange for the whole team to avoid conversion fees per individual transaction. At times, you will be able to convert currency at your hotel. You can also pre-order foreign currency through your local bank ahead of time. Check the requirements of the country you are traveling to for bringing currency through customs.

Credit cards are widely accepted for foreign transactions. The most widely accepted credit cards are American Express and Visa. If you plan to withdraw cash on your credit card while out of the United States, inform your credit card company before traveling to ensure that your card is set up for international cash withdrawal and not frozen in reaction to fraud precautions.


While on your vision trip, you will no doubt develop many relationships and friendships you would like to continue after you return home. Please ask AGCI staff if there is a way to correspond with anyone that you meet during the course of your trip. This may not always be possible, so please ask your leader what is appropriate. If you wish to donate funds or give monthly to a particular orphanage or staff, please consult your trip leader to determine what is the most appropriate response.


Reach out to us with any questions you have about taking a vision trip!


Psalm 10:14