Wyrea Daycare

By Julie Salwasser and Hollen Frazier 

Wyrea 12 OPTOn Sunday we returned to Wyrea Daycare Center in Addis, where the team worked in 2008. At that time, we helped build classrooms, restrooms, a lunchroom, and a play area for this community-based center.

We did not expect there would be any children or staff at Wyrea but we were in for a wonderful surprise! The children greeted us with hugs and warm smiles. The kids sang songs for us and then we were able to give them Mariners shirts, AGCI water bottles, school supplies and a little candy.

It was a day filled with surprises and memories. Many of the area children who helped on the project when we were at Wyrea in 2008 also came back to visit. They have all grown so much. It was incredible to see that after three years they remembered everyone’s name!

The staff also remembered us. We cannot begin to tell you how special it is that we can assure them we are here to continue to support and encourage their good work. A couple staff members even brought photos of some of our team members from 2008—they saved the photos we gave to them for all this time!

Wyrea 23There were a couple of small projects that we were able to help with at Wyrea. While there has been a water barrel available on site, they did not have running water for their lunchroom and restrooms. We dug a trench, laid a pipe and connected the water barrel.  With the whole group, plus some men from the community this was a fast project!

Almaz shared something really wonderful with all of us. She explained that while our actual work is important, another lasting impact is that the staff and community sees what can be done,  and done fairly quickly, if there is just willingness to get it done.

It is truly humbling to be so loved, appreciated and admired—when really we are just happy to be here and love them!

Prayer requests:

  • Please keep the children, parents and staff of Wyrea Daycare Center in your prayers.
  • Monday – For the 1,300+ children at Hedase Elementary School – that our efforts will show them God’s love
  • Tuesday – For all the dear children adopted from Ethiopia and their forever families