What Sponsorship Means To Us

The Affleck family.

The Affleck family sponsors three children through All God’s Children International—two girls through our Ethiopia Education Sponsorship program, and one girl through our Colombia Independence Sponsorship program. 

We chatted with Brandy Affleck to learn more about what being a sponsor means to their family. 

“As a Christmas gift for my daughters, we sponsored two sweet girls in Ethiopia. They are close in age with my girls, so it’s really special to see the differences in culture. My girls love seeing what is new with them,” Brandy said. 

“There is such an incredible value placed on education in Ethiopia, and it’s an important reminder for my own daughters as well.  There is also a big emphasis placed on helping out your family in Ethiopia and children are expected to do a lot. It’s important for my daughters to understand that the rest of the world isn’t just like the U.S. We are so blessed and we can take a lot of that for granted. It’s good to put things in perspective—the girls we sponsor don’t have as much, but they are so grateful for everything they do have.

We also sponsor a young woman in Colombia who lives at the Dream Home. We were able to meet her and spend time with her, which makes it extra special to hear what’s going on in her life. She’s breaking the cycle and fulfilling her dreams. She is definitely going to go somewhere in this world.

We also take time each day to pray for our sponsored kids. Praying for our sponsored kids is also a great way to lift them up and serves as a daily reminder for us,” Brandy said. 

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