What Does Sponsorship Look Like?

What Does Sponsorship Look Like

At AGCI, we want to provide the love and care every child deserves. And while for some children that looks like adoption, for others it looks like sponsorship. If you’re on the fence about committing to sponsor a child or you haven’t heard about our sponsorship program before, here is info you can use to change the course of a child’s life!

We offer two options for sponsorship: child sponsorship and the Cycle Breaker sponsorship.

Child Sponsorship

When you commit to sponsoring a child, your monthly donation provides the education and resources your sponsored child needs to thrive. Too often, we see financial hardship in families keep children in the country of Ethiopia from attending school. This negatively impacts the rest of the child’s life. You can sponsor a child in Ethiopia for a small monthly donation.

However, thanks to the generosity of sponsors, each individually sponsored child will receive:

  • School tuition
  • Uniforms
  • Healthy meals
  • School supplies
  • Savings account

Children of all ages are available for sponsorship. Over the course of your sponsorship, you will have opportunities to correspond with your sponsored child, and will receive various communications from them throughout the year. Plus, you get to know you’re making a sustainable, systemic change in a child’s life! To learn more about how you can help a child thrive, you can read our Sponsorship FAQs.

If you’d like to use your contribution to more generally help break cycles of poverty, the Cycle Breaker sponsorship program may be for you!

Cycle Breaker Sponsorship

When you become a Cycle Breaker, you donate $24 per month to help break the cycle that keeps children in institutions, and families in systemic poverty. Over the course of a year, your monthly support will help AGCI accomplish things like:

  • Reunite a child on the streets with their family of origin.
  • Deliver emergency food and medical care for a family on the brink of dissolution.
  • Work with administrative teams so that something as simple as paperwork doesn’t prevent a child from being eligible for adoption.
  • Provide tutoring to help a young woman in the child welfare system get her degree and change her future.
  • Partner with a child welfare agency to create policies that empower local caregivers in providing trauma-informed care.

When you become a Cycle Breaker, you will receive a welcome packet and a quarterly update on how your contribution is changing lives!

Even if adoption isn’t in God’s plan for you, you can still make an everlasting difference in the lives of children around the world. If you are curious about the Cycle Breaker program or if sponsorship is on your heart and you have questions, email sponsorship@allgodschildren.org.