This 7-Year-Old Boy Is Still Waiting For An Adoptive Family!

“Do everything in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:14

7-year-old Ethan is a sweet, loving boy who has waited his whole life to know the love of a family! Sadly, Ethan was abandoned when he was just a few months old and has spent the last few years in foster care. Unfortunately, Ethan’s paperwork has also not been updated and his official file has prevented him from being matched with a family—this little boy needs a family now!

Ethan’s foster family regularly plays music for him and loves to sing to him! We are so encouraged to see that they take an active role in his care and take him on outdoor adventures to help promote his psychological, mental, and physical development. They shared that he is growing and happy each day! While Ethan’s foster family is loving and takes great care of him, he needs the stable environment of a forever family to truly thrive.

Ethan loves being around people and is quick to smile! He is an active, clever kid and likes building blocks—he can build towers of four blocks and even complete puzzles with some help. He loves interacting with caregivers and peers and also likes running on his own! Ethan has a corrected heart condition, hypospadias, and delayed development, however, after starting the school year in a special education class; he was quickly moved to a public school where he is performing at grade level! He is now reading, writing, and learning addition and subtraction. This is incredible progress!

We know amazing things are possible for Ethan with a family’s love! Families considering Ethan’s adoption are eligible to apply for our exclusive grant, which can assist a family in up to $5,000 towards adoption fees! 

You can also see Ethan in action here.

To learn more about Ethan, please contact Alison at (503) 327-7407