The 8 Million

Dabens BeforeThere are 8 million orphans living in institutional care today. 

In many institutions, orphans are warehoused in rooms filled with cribs that resemble cages. These precious children are left in these cribs all day long—they are not touched, comforted, or even known by name. They don’t have access to the education, therapies, or medical care they need to grow and thrive. In most cases, there is no plan for how these children will leave institutional care—meaning they will never know the love of a family or what it means it be a successful, independent adult.

To All God’s Children International, the state of the orphan crisis is alarming and unacceptable.

What we’re doing

Tragically, if no one intervenes, most of the children living in institutions will continue to live in deplorable conditions with no hope of ever Withaballfinding a path to family.  The good news—with early intervention and supportive, responsive relationships with caregivers, the effects of toxic stress can be prevented and reversed.

The Impact of Elevated Care

When Dabens first arrived to the home AGCI is working with in Haiti, he was a one-month-old infant on the verge of death (top photo). Malnourished, weak, and in need of immediate medical attention, at any other institution, Dabens wouldn’t have survived more than a few days. But by the grace of God, Dabens did survive. Today, Dabens is a happy, healthy toddler because someone intervened on his behalf (bottom photo). Dabens has a different story because he received elevated, loving care from trained caregivers, and quality, immediate medical care from the best doctors and nurses. This is what elevated care makes possible.

We believe every orphan deserves this level of care and we’re committed to changing this broken system so that Daben’s story is not the exception!

You can make a difference, too! Become an orphan care sponsor and give hope to a child who needs it most. Learn more here.