Taiwan – Project Completed!

By Kate McDodson, Taiwan Case Manager

Today was another wonderful day! We stared off with church which the pastor and other members had taken the time to translate the song lyrics and even the notes of the sermon to English so that we could better follow along.  We were introduced to the congregation and everyone prayed for us, the work we had done, and the home that we had completed. It was a touching service to be a part of and it was fun to get an opportunity to see all the prayer that is lifted on the Taiwan side for this work that we do.

monkey1Unfortunately two of our team mates had to leave us today, they fly out of Taipei tomorrow morning. It was sad as it really did mark the beginning of the end of our special time in Taiwan together. Those of us left piled into the car and headed to the mountains where we were able to see monkeys in their natural habitat. We brought fruit for the monkeys and they would walk right up to us and take it out of our hands! Some were more pushy than others and one almost made off with a cell phone!! I have to admit that the monkeys kind of scared me, I didn’t think they would but when the first one came at me wanting the fruit I was carrying I dropped it on the ground and ran the other way. The monkeys of Taiwan are not for the faint of heart!

When we got back to town we did some last min shopping for the home. We got a book case, picked up some storage bins, and bought a drying rack. Each of the women that came on this trip brought something special to give to the women that would come into our home. We had handmade bracelets by one mission team member’s daughters, handmade bags from another member, and hair bows that were hand made by the niece of a another team member. We had donated tooth brushes, pre natal vitamins, deodorant, nail clippers, and journals. Each of these donated or hand crafted items went into the bag and will go to a woman when she enters the home – it will be her “Welcome Bag”. We spent some time this evening putting these welcome bags together. Next we went room to room in our new home and prayed over the space and the women that would come to live there. We prayed for our staff that would be living at the home and serving the women there. In each room asked for God’s grace and peace to reign down in that space. I think this was the most special moment of our day.

We wrapped up the team’s final meal in Taitung with Hot Pot! Of course it was delicious and of course we had a wonderful time talking with all the new friends that they had made. The team’s time in Taitung has ended, but they will carry on to Taipei for two exciting days of adventure! Thank you again to these women, we are so thankful they came.  Blessings to our new Promise of Life Home!!