Financing Your Adoption

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“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;” Proverbs 3:5   Adoption costs can feel overwhelming. It’s important to remember that you are not alone—we have seen God provide financially for families countless times. There are so many ways to make adoption a reality for your family! We’ve outlined […]

The World’s Orphan Crisis

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There are 8 million orphans living in institutions today. Tragically, most children living in institutions will grow up without ever knowing the love of a family. Due to deeply rooted systematic problems such as lack of access to education, corruption, poverty, and misguided policies, children are kept out of the arms of loving families. In […]

You Have the Power to Change A Child’s Life Forever

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What does it mean to be a hero? At AGCI, we believe that everyone has the ability to be a hero for a child in need—and it starts with Sponsorship! By sponsoring a child’s care or education for just $40 a month, you can help change the world for a vulnerable child. At AGCI, there […]

What Are Special Needs?

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It’s time to readjust what many families think it means to adopt a child with special needs! What many adoptive parents don’t realize is that special needs, or medical conditions, fall on a spectrum—a child with a medical condition could mean something as simple as a hearing or vision impairment. It can also mean Down […]

How We Work: Policy

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AGCI is dedicated to changing the reality of the orphan crisis. One of the ways we’re intervening for the 8 million orphans living in institutions is by creating Policy to change broken systems for orphans and create clear paths to family and independence. AGCI’s Policy work creates real, lasting change for orphans by: Empowering leaders—Through […]

How We’re Intervening For the 8 Million

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There are currently 8 million orphans living in institutions around the world. For AGCI, the current state of the orphan crisis is alarming and unacceptable.  We’re working to change lives through 5 proven initiatives. Policy to change broken systems for orphans and create clear paths to family and independence. AGCI creates real, lasting change for orphans […]

Top 5 Reasons To Choose AGCI

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So why should you adopt through AGCI? We’ve compiled the top 5 reasons to adopt through All God’s Children International. 1) We’re so much more than an adoption agency! AGCI is dedicated to intervening for the 8 million orphans living in institutions. We believe that every child deserves to be loved, and we’re working to […]

Every Child Has a Story: I Can’t Believe I Ever Had a Life Before You

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While the McAndrews had always planned on growing their family through adoption, they thought they would adopt one child—not three siblings! But God moves in mysterious ways and now Dave and Becca can’t imagine their family without their adopted children. “We’ve always been interested in adoption,” said Becca McAndrews. “We originally planned to adopt from […]

My First Mission Trip Was Not What I Expected

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By Jillian Dagley If you’d shown up at Rivers of Hope yesterday around 11 am expecting to catch a peak at forlorn Haitian orphans, you would have been a little confused. No orphans here! Just a few princesses, a couple firemen, several superheroes and one very cute cowgirl. Dress up time at the orphanage yesterday […]

Loving Big in Haiti!

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AGCI staff and a team of advocates are in Haiti! In addition to completing a few service projects and adding a playground area for the older kids at our Hannah’s Hope partner home, Rivers of Hope, these amazing AGCI sponsors are meeting their sponsored children for the first time! Stay up-to-date on their journey by […]

A Story of Love: Sponsorship Is Life Changing

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When little Samuel arrived at our Hannah’s Hope Haiti partner home, Rivers of Hope, he was severely delayed in his development. Due to premature birth and malnourishment prior to his arrival at Rivers of Hope, 7-month-old Samuel’s developmental patterns were similar to that of a two-month-old. While unsure of how Samuel would continue to develop, […]

Your Top Adoption Questions, Part 2

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Curious about adoption? AGCI’s  Julie Salwasser has answers to 6 more of your top adoption questions. Check out our first blog, “Your Top Ten Adoption Questions Answered” for more answers to common adoption questions. 1. How can we ensure that the child is a legitimate orphan? There is a process to determine that a child is […]

Your Top Ten Adoption Questions Answered

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Just starting your adoption journey? AGCI’s Director of  Adoption, Julie Salwasser has the answers. Check out Julie’s responses to the most common questions about adoption below. 1. Why does adoption cost so much? Adoption costs a lot because it’s a legal process involving dual government cooperation. Home studies, agency fees, and the legal documents required to […]

Forever Hopeful: Dabens


Clinging to life by the hour, Dabens, a malnourished one-month-old infant, came into our care. Weighing just over 5 pounds, his survival looked bleak. Despite an uncertain future, our team of Special Mothers rushed him to the hospital, working with all their might on behalf of this precious child. Our Special Mothers stayed by Dabens’ […]

Forever Together: Pongi


Pongie was a darling little girl who arrived at Rivers of Hope a few days before one of our Embrace Missions teams arrived in Haiti. She was an absolutely beautiful little girl who would be warm and engaging one moment and break into sad tears the next. The staff and care takers at Rivers of […]

Inspired by Haiti

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After a long week of work, we’re finally saying goodbye to Haiti. It seems like just yesterday we were adjusting to the heat, fast paced driving, and loud sounds at night; and yet those same sounds that at first kept us awake have come to lull us to sleep. The children we’ve embraced are no […]

Haiti Day 5


Team Update by Lani Another great day of serving those who are serving orphans every day. After another amazing breakfast of pancakes and fresh fruit, the guys and girls split up to finish various projects. The guys went to Rachael’s house to finish the playhouse (very grande!), the teeter-totter (fun!), and to replace the swing […]

HAITI: Return Trip


By Mary Aultman Hurley, Mission Team Participant Being sent to Laboule 15 after two years of being away from Haiti was quite exciting. I truly couldn’t imagine the empty house filled with laughing and crying… and oh, the smells. Walking through the doors and seeing healthy Haitian babies, and lots of them, brought me back […]

HAITI UPDATE: Our Strong Team


Mission Team Update by Meagan Richardson Well day 3 was successful! Murals were painted ALL over the house (including the outside) for the children to get to enjoy. The women definitely were flourishing with their creativity today while painting an entire garden, a night time scene, and even polka dots on the outside of the […]

Haiti Team Arrives!

We have all arrived! After a busy day of two airport trips to pick up three different groups of 17 people and 32 bags of donations we all made it to the guest house. Tuesday was our first day of work, we had planned to start building a playhouse for the kids but all our supplies […]

Adoption Tax Credit

  Individuals Just Like You are Making a Difference! Members of Congress only act on an issue when they believe it has a real impact on their constituents. It is especially important now that the credit is under threat that your three Members of Congress understand how important the adoption tax credit is to you […]

Our Amazing Time in Haiti

Wednesday morning we had spaghetti for breakfast which is apparently a Haitian favorite. Rachel took us to the top of this mountain where the view was breathtaking. Down below we spotted a church service going on outside, the congregation was reaching their hands to the sky and yelling, “hallelujah! Hallelujah!” as massive clouds rolled past […]

Haiti Trip Update

Sunday morning we met another mission team with Mountain Top Ministries (MTM) and went out in a caravan of ATV’s, 3 people per 4-wheeler. We drove down gravely, hole ridden roads- to a dried-up river bed. Through the river bed, the hills surrounded us on all sides; the country side is magnificent! We splashed through […]

Arrived In Haiti

The following is the first report from our team serving in Haiti this week… Little white homes and businesses dot the landscape and increasingly tumble on to the coast line. Rolling green hills spread across the entire island which is larger than I imagined. Our luggage and bags full of gifts for the kiddos are […]

Haiti Mission Team Update

WE FINISHED!! In record time of a day and a half, this amazing team from Georgia has transformed our plain white home into a beautiful home for children, full of color and murals. I wish you all could see it!! I don’t know if I have ever seen a team that has attacked a project with as […]

Haiti Embrace Missions Team – First Day

By Kate McDodsonHaiti Case Manager After a chaotic experience at the Port au Prince airport, the team from Lawrenceville First Baptist Church in Georgia arrived in Haiti!! We successfully got 14 team members and 26 bags loaded onto a truck and were on our way to the guest house. Driving through the city of Port au […]

Haiti – Sagebrush – Days 3 & 4

By Andrea Montano, Sagebrush Team Member. Days 3 and 4 of the Sagebrushers work on the orphanage have been phenomenal! The work expectations for the trip were not only met, but have been far exceeded with one more work day left tomorrow. All but 3 of the 75 tresses on our plan were knocked out […]

Haiti – Sagebrush – Day 2

By Kristin Sando, Hope Village – Haiti After Sunday’s introduction to Haiti and the facilities at Hope Village, the team had a restful night at the FMI guesthouse. This morning everyone was up early at 6 am to beat the heat. Following a brief safety meeting, the tresses crew began the process of cutting, assembling and […]

Haiti – Sagebrush Team

By Kristin Sando, Hope Village – Haiti The Sagebrush construction team has arrived safe and sound at FMI’s guesthouse. They went to church at Gift of God Orphanage Sunday morning and toured a part of Port-au-Prince. On Sunday afternoon, they began cutting boards for the roof tresses at Hope Village.They’re off to a good start […]